House Come Dine with me..

My housemates have decided that we are going to do a Come Dine with me ( as in the Channel 4 show) house "event". I need to lodge ( yes one other housemate is taking this very seriously) my Menu plan by Monday and I have no idea what to cook. There are lots of food dislikes amongst the girls so I am struggling for a Starter and a Main Course. Desert is no problem as I love to bake ( I am a girl, so no "gay" accusations can be passed).

Anyone got any good impressive starter and main course ideas? Two housemates aren't massive fans of red meat so am thinking maybe fish for main course.

Lidl are selling lobsters for a fiver.

Properly dismantled and served with salad, can be a starter for two.

Take any liquid and all the carcasses, cover with water, add couple of onions, 4 carrots and half a dozen bay leaves and simmer for an hour. Strain and use as a stock for paella, risotto or chinese fried rice, coupled with some Lidl frozen king prawns and mange touts.

I'll write a proper recipe if you want.

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