House cleared when away on a training weekend

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Ozzymick, Feb 3, 2009.

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  1. I had to call the police to remove some people that had been staying at my house as a favour. They had long out stayed their welcome & were 7 weeks behind in the agreed monies they were paying.

    Anyway when they were removed they gave the key up for the front door, the only one they should have had, it turns out they had another copy and when I was away on Saturday I recieved a text saying

    "Just thought I would let you know I have been in & removed all my belongings and will send some friends around for anything I have missed"

    I was on the range at the time & told my CSM who loaded me straight in a mini bus and drove me home, whilst I was on the phone to the police to get them round to my address.

    It turns out they had missed them & they had handed the key in at the police station when they had finished in an attempt to be all innocent.

    I have a a text stating he could come around on the thursday to collect his belongings.

    In addition to this they have also stolen my personal belongings including my video camera with my daughters birth on it, my spare car keys, the back door keys (I now cant get out into the back garden) as well as numerous other items, even opening a bottle of Champagne I had hidden from them which was a gift from my wedding in 2002 and also opening my daughters xmas present from 2006 that I have not been able to give to her as her mother returned it.

    The Police have informed me today they have no intentions of taking any action and it is a civil matter and I will need to take them to court to my belongings back, I did manage to find where my belongings were being stored but the Police managed to tip them off and they moved my stuff before I had the chance to go & get it.

    In my eyes they have not only trespassed they have gained unlawful entry & also stolen my property which they have been boasting about.
    Any ideas on what to do would be greatly appreciated
  2. "I did manage to find where my belongings were being stored but the Police managed to tip them off and they moved my stuff before I had the chance to go & get it."

    I'm sorry I can't answer your questions but why would the police tip them off ?
  3. It turns out the guy who owns the house where the property was stored is a friend of a friend, this is how I found out it was there.
    I gave the police his number and they also wanted the numbers for the two individuals involved. They rang the wrong number & they spoke to his now ex-girlfriend who is friends with the thieves and whilst he was at work during the day she let them in and they piled all my stuff in their car.
    By the time I got there they were long gone and the only stuff of theirs left was clothes so no value to me.
  4. Surely entering a house and stealing your kit is theft, and therefore a matter for the police?
  5. This has GOT to be a wind-up! Nobody could be that fückin' stupid surely.

  6. im no expert but it may be a civil matter as they had keys to get in and didnt brake in, bit like squatters.
    But they did steal stuff so dunno for sure.
  7. You let a band of pikeys live in your house for seven weeks rent-free? Has this website taught you nothing? ;)

    Keep complaining to the police; if the local superintendent and the local DI keep having to hire skips to get rid of your letters they might consider getting someone to do something about it.

    Failing that, go for the DIY option. You have a phone number and names, an address of some associates; track them down and have a word.

    Alabama Lie Detector: £17.99 from JJB Sports Aim away from face :twisted:
  8. I promise you no wind up, I am f@ucking livid, not so much about the shitty things they have stolen like hair clippers and electric razor not even the Sky + remote, thats just annoying, but my video camera locked in my house, also locked in my bedroom and opening my daughters present even though they knew exactly what it was and why it was there
  9. I tried to talk to a solictor as soon as the police fobbed me off this afternoon. I will try again tomorrow. Regarding where they live they currently are of no fixed abode so this is going to complicate things slightly.

    The police dont even seem to concerned with his little container of CS tablets or the fact he is driving his car around unisured.
  10. Bit late for this advice but....

    You need better quality friends. If they weren't people you would class as 'friends' what were you thinking giving them the keys to your pad?
  11. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Nice friends you have. Well done, the police.

    Personally, with the way the system is, I think you are screwed.

    Good luck at court (where I dare saw you will hit legal fees, endless fcuk arounds and you where you might get a decision sometime in the next 5 years).

    If you get any of your stuff back I'll be amazed.

    BTW, don't think the b@stards are finished with you either. Change the locks now.
  12. They have been here for a while, he is ex-army, we do the same sort of job, got on well etc etc. I was doing them a favour.
    What can I say hind sight is a wonderful thing.
    It was never meant to be a long term thing
  13. Im off to Afghan in July cant think of a better alibi for what ever happens whilst I am away.
    Locks are changed now, also changing my car to prevent any vandilism and as I was moving into temprary accomadation before I departed I am now rushing that up a bit now as well
  14. Put this one down to experience mate. Unless you can prove they entered and unlawfully stole your gear (credible independent witnesses for example) you have not a hope in hell. Clearly forensics is a waste of time as they previously had legitimate access. Unless you can prove they entered unlawfully, and took your gear, and someone is willing to provide a statement and attend court, you are pi$$ing in the wind.

    I will qualify the above by saying you have given only very scant details, so any advice you get back (including mine) may well be misinformed and inaccurate

    I fear you are at the zenith of your learning curve.
  15. The only good witness from my point of view is the boyfriend who heard them bragging about stuff they had taken. I didnt even realise my video camera was taken till he mentioned a wallet they had stolen, I then realised that may camera was in the same drawer & sure enough when I got home it was gone.
    Also the fact that two police officers had to remove them from the property only 6 days earlier and taken the key off them in the process. I thought this would go in my favour.