House clearance.

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by genzzz, Jan 14, 2009.

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  1. Hey guys.

    Im giving a lecture to a load of public service students about security procedures & one of the topics is house entry/clearence and maintaing security whilst in the house.

    Could anybody give me a breakdown of the relevant drills & SOPs please. Including initial entry to the building, room clearance and security once inside.

    Greatly appreciated.
  2. What part of the country?
  3. Can you narrow it down a bit? The drills for high-intensity FIBUA are subtly different from most COIN-type situations. Fewer mousehole charges for one thing.
  4. Why are you giving a lecture on a topic you don't know? More to the point why do you think anyone would publish current tactics and drills on a public website? :?
  5. A few boxes are a must and I'd recomend a skip for all the crap you no longer want.
  6. Don't listen to all the piss takers...

    Useful footage of SAS building clearance here for you:

    Don't thank me. I've been trying to get the weapons and ammo to run an explosive rear entry course for my local Brownies for yonks, but you tell people you want take some young girls roughly in the back door and see what they say....
  7. And who are you ? a first post wonder
  8. Why the fcuk would anyone in the know give any relevant info to someone with a brand new account that sort of info?

    Fcuk off jurno/insurgent......
  9. All I can say is BRAVO!!! stroker.....

    Explosive access, explosive clearance and preferably explosive exfil,


    heaven, I'm in heaven...........................
  10. Basically it is lots of grenades and bullets initially, and then making sure your missus is in the team to keep the place clear of undesirable elements. Mine is very good at that, shame my mates are classed as undesirable elements.

    You aren't in are you? So why not drop down to your local army unit and chat? All your questions will be better answered.

    Out of interest why do public service students need to know about this?
  11. Initial entry should be the petrol method via the letter box. Pour in, strike a match and toss it. Clearance complete and no security required afterwards.
  12. You know what I think? I think our friend genzzzz has been larging it up and telling porkies about his experience of Fibua.

    And now someone has called his bluff and he's got to come up with something to save face.

    Funny as, they never learn.
  13. Make it up, they won't know ant different, tell them that was how you did it in the SAS
  14. I use one of these for tactical entry:


    Once in, I task part of my team to clear the house. These come in useful:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Once she has cleared the house, she is tasked to get a brew going. In the meantime, I set up the security:


    And that's all there is to it. 8)