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Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by walkyrie, Jun 12, 2012.

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  1. walkyrie

    walkyrie Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Afternoon All

    Over the next two weeks I will be doing a house clearance on a two bedroom flat in Bristol and everything must go.

    All items are in excellent condition from a smoke free, professional's (i.e. not a student) home.

    • Oak Bedroom Suite (2x Bedside Table, 1 x 6 Drawer Chest of Drawers, 1 x Wardrobe)
    • Bed and headboard (without mattress)
    • Cream Leather Sofa
    • Circular Glass Dining Table with two matching chairs
    • Good Quality Desk and Office Chair
    • 32" Sony LCD TV

    Those are the big items, but plenty of other ancilliaries too (microwave/plates/mugs etc)

    I am willing to "bundle" items if it suits people. Also willing to do a bargain price if someone wants to take all/the majority. Would be an ideal first home set up, or a quick way to furnish a buy to let/student property.

    Please PM for more details/photos. All items are collection only.
  2. Did the owner die/get murdered on the matress?
  3. I have to say I thought this was an invite to an Airsofting event... I feel a little let down and misled.
  4. walkyrie

    walkyrie Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Sadly nothing so exciting. Just a few years old and probably not very hygienic to sell it on.

    If, however, soiled mattresses float your boat then I'm sure we can do a deal.
  5. walkyrie

    walkyrie Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    I thought I'd bump with some pictures to see if there's any further interest....

    P1010202.jpg P1010203.jpg P1010417.jpg P1010418.jpg P1010422.jpg P1010424.jpg P1010425.jpg P1010429.jpg P1010432.jpg
  6. Is the chest of drawers decent? Well made?
  7. walkyrie

    walkyrie Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    The whole bedroom set is solid Oak. Very good quality, not cheap when first purchased - and bought from an independent shop (i.e. not Ikea !)

    ETA - Not cheap when first purchased - but will do you a bargain price now.
    Just call me Swiss Toni

  9. Will the glass table take the weight of a fat lass squatting over it curling one off as i lay underneath knocking one out?
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  10. walkyrie

    walkyrie Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Yes* - and in fact your desired past time is to be encourage.

    *All items are sold "as seen" and without any guarantee.
  11. walkyrie

    walkyrie Old-Salt Book Reviewer


    A little lunch time bump. The Sofa, Dining Table/Chairs, desk and (unpictured) bed will be going to charity/the tip at this rate. So make me an offer (even if its £0)
  12. Any of this stuff still there, there is a self build project in Bedminster and ten ex forces blokes looking for furnishings.
    If it is contact SSAFA at HMS Flying Fox, Winterstoke road.
  13. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    You didn't think that giving the stuff a little dust might help?