House Cavalry. How much spit and polish Vs tanks?How much do you cycle between roles?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by diggerdoug, Jul 26, 2013.

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  1. Household Cavalry. How much spit and polish Vs tanks? I have been told that you're in the mounted regiment for two years and then for the rest of your career you don't have to go back. During that time you will be doing stuff with tanks and will serve on operations. I remember seeing in a documentary a bloke spending days cleaning kit.

    Yesterday in the careers office I had mentioned that I can ride horses and the option was suggested to me. I said that I didn't want to spend hours cleaning kit and being harassed by tourists. I do think though that I may have been a bit too dismissive of the Household Cavalry. I like horses and I think tanks are cool.

    How much do you cycle between roles? How long in each?
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  2. "I didn't want to spend hours cleaning kit and being harassed by tourists."

    Then maybe its not for you :)

    i was going to join the household cavalry then i found out im allergic to horses Doh...
  3. Subsunk

    Subsunk War Hero Book Reviewer

    'I said that I didn't want to spend hours cleaning kit and being harassed by tourists.'

    And what was the recruiter's response to this given that they were selling you the Household Cavalry?

  4. He said I'd be on a horse all the time. I said that I'd seen Troopers on foot and then he didn't push it. He was in a different regiment. He only produced the print out because I had mentioned horses a few times. He also said something about all my job choices all being Engineers and if I wasn't good enough for one trade then the others might not want me either. I think he was really just trying to make me aware of there being other things to do.

    The army website has ceremonial stuff all other it and then adds a little about how they're fighting soldiers.

    I just wanted to know if maybe I had a misconception of what the guards do. As a cadet I had asked a para about the guards and he had told me not to join because I'd be doing drill when the other recruits learn interesting things. Maybe that was what happened 20 years ago.

    You can't make an informed decision without information.
  5. Subsunk

    Subsunk War Hero Book Reviewer

    Fair one.

    I can't see recruits to Foot Guards or HCR missing out on core special to arm skills during training, but I can see them spending a lot of time doing the whole ceremonial thing afterwards in their careers.
  6. There's a whole thread on this in the RAC forum. Bottom line is that you will do basic training, go to Bovington and learn to drive, talk on a radio and fire support weapons. Then you'll go to Knightsbridge for two or so years. It will be hell.

    Sometime during that time at Knightsbridge you'll go back to Bovington to learn how to drive CVR(T) (or Scout SV if you're lucky), and then every day thereafter you'll be annoying your superiors for any scrap of information relating to your eventual posting to Windsor. Eventually, you'll get your posting order and the remaining months at Knightsbridge will be spent dodging and performing every duty known to man as HCMR try to get their final ounce of flesh from you.

    Then, you'll go to Windsor. That drive along the Chiswick High Road and onto the M4 will be one of the sweetest and most liberating experiences of your life. You'll arrive at Windsor and spend months being amazed that you lock the metal horses away at the end of the day/week, you'll go on exercises, be away on exciting RAAT tasks, spend your weekends pulling fanny down the arches and generally have an amazing time.

    If I had my time again, I would still join the cavalry (and I wouldn't bloody leave either), even though Kightsbridge is so miserable, because Windsor is bloody fantastic.
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  7. The Household cavalry don't have any tanks so the question is void! If you are thinking of joining the Royal Armoured Corps i thought you might have done some research about what kit they have first.
  8. First rule is - Don't use spit - Use clean water!

    As Toryboy says - you can do your 2 years and never go back. However, you do a couple of years, go to HCR, get pissed off with sleeping under the rainy stars, do a tour, spend a bit of time driving the Sqn Leader round in his landrover, crash it a few times, blame one of those times on him, then get offered to go to Knightsbridge on promotion.

    I never did HCMR as a Trooper, it's nails. I won't lie. But once you've been in a bit, like what will probably happen to Toryboy soon (if it hasn't already) is you'll get offered Lance Jack / Lance 3 bar to go back to Knightsbridge. There's some folk who go 2 years HCMR on promotion, back to HCR for 2 -3 years and then repeat the cycle. HCMR is hard, but the Sqn Corporal Major / Regimental Corporal Major's role's are highly prized. Being the one to carry your regimental standard in front of the Queen on the Trooping of the Colour, or the Royal Wedding etc.

    The bast advice I'd give for HCMR is -
    1) Always take your kit off with care - NEVER throw it in your locker. Just placing it correctly in your locker could save you 2 hours (literally) of cleaning.
    2) As Weeny G****Y told me when I left for HCMR - Once you walk out of those camp gates on the piss in London, you'll forget all about QLG, Troopings and early morning stables! He was right. Shooters (as I think it was when I was in Windsor) under the arches has diddly squat on Backpackers, Hombre's, Ceaser's Palace! (I'm too young for Samantha's 2p a drink)!
  9. As an aspiring donkey walloper hailing from Oz, it's going to take me 5 years to get in with the new laws, putting me about 29 when I can join. First and foremost I want to get in but I'm concerned I'm going to be about 31 by the time I can get into HCR. Would it be possible to try and get in earlier instead of waiting the full 2 years? I don't mind the ceremonial part in fact I'm sort of looking forward to it except I'm afraid I'll be a bit old and out of touch by the time I reach HCR for the ops and exercises

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  10. When I was in Germany, one of our WRACS had a b/f in the Life Guards. He told me he had done public duties in London and loved it. There's a lot of bullshit, true. But the upside is being "hassled by tourists" as you put it. They would write their phone numbers and put them down your wader. The main problem is remembering who the good looking ones are. And them being bit disappointed when he met up with them in civvies, and not red tunic, waders, plume helmet, breastplate, etc.
  11. You could also read Bullet Magnet, by Mick Flynn, he has done both bits, and a little bit more.