house allocation on thorney island

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by simcas2, May 14, 2007.

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  1. Hello does someone can help me
    we are moving to thorney island in august we got are quarter adress how do we find out about the room size and the garden size ? does someone know ???????????????????????
  2. Two tours on Thorney and I would happly go back tomorrow. I suggest that you make contact with the UWO for details (Try the AFF website if you don’t already have a number). As usual what you get depends entirely on rank! Everything from mega (Thorney Old Park for the grown ups) to the “other end” of the Island. All houses are pretty well the norm for Type/Scaling and most, if not all, have good gardens. Seniors and accompanied officers all seemed happy with their lot. Some of the junior ranks’ pads were on the small side with very open gardens. A proportion of juniors also lived off the Island and had to commute. Utterly brilliant in the spring and summer but to be warned that the wind and rain can be a morale suppressant in the low season. What road have you been allocated?
  3. we got northbay no 3 .
  4. Are you 47 or 12?

  5. we are 12 reg
  6. It is a Type C quarter on a good sized plot on a culdesac. Give 47 Regt welfare office a ring to speak about specifics. I will PM you the contact number.


  7. thank u