Hours of fun!

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by The-Lord-Flasheart, Sep 29, 2007.

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  1. [​IMG]

    To get better performance, use more flies or a load of Hornets. :D

    We could make squadrons and have dog fights with them.
  2. you know what flashy. i am going to try that right now.

    Although that plane is very mean
    It's still the best thing I've ever seen
    Apart, that is, from tits.
  4. Thank you for that Flashy. I am so bored I might try that, on second thoughts no. I can have better fun with other models.
  5. :) Excellent, I'll be be trying that one tomorrow too. Problem is we've only got those litle fruit flies that hang around the bin in the kitchen so I'll probably need about 40 of them I reckon. If that doesn't work I might just leave a turd on a tea-towel in the bathroom and see if anything with more horsepower turns up over the next couple of days. If anyone gets one of these working before then can you film it? :)
  6. What about Horsefly power!, bet them buggers have got some lift in em!
  7. I'm wondering now if next doors Budgie could tow a model glider,
    Mmm, think its time I went to bed..........NURSE!
  8. I'm scaling the model up using some planks with seagulls nailed on. They won't go in the freezer, had to temporarily stun them with a hammer blow.

    If it works I will upgrade the engines to eagles and will experiment with different payloads and range, I reckon I could get a medium sized incendiary device as far as France. :D

  9. You could make it into a Convair B36 with that amount of 'engines'.

    Wasps are the holy grail of propulsion but handling them is akin to handling Hydrogen Peroxide. Wasps make excellent 'fighters'.

    Daddy long legs are crap. They just break up when you glue them on board. I tried a variety of Beatles but they too are crap. They are just fcuking lazy.

    You can even simulate emergencies too. Set light to one of your flies and you can 'practice engine failure, go'.

    PMSL :D :D
  10. I can't wait 7-8 months for wasps! I instantly turned back into a into a ten year old when I saw your diagram and need propulsion now. I have fruit flies, a 10x magnifying glass and superglue but no matches and I'm very frustrated...
  11. :) :) I can't stop thinking about the chaotic flying characteristics of a match plane powered by daddy long legs.
    'Which direction are you fückers flying in?!'
    'I dunno, I thought I was flying pretty straight actually'
    You're not mate. I was heading straight for the wall as planned and one of you stopped flapping now who was it?'
    Look, what does it matter? By my watch we've got 4 hours to live so let's just get on....'
  12. You could try some moths but I think they are as useful as nailing a few bananas to it. Failing that, fabricate some wings out of cling film and strap them to a couple of spiders. More like a hang glider than a powered craft though.
  13. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    To take this further: Bats!

    Excellent night-fighter/stealth type machine. I'll need 2x old type wooden school rulers, Loctite and 4x Pipistrelles.

    They're the future.
  14. Actually, if I upped the number of fruit flies I could probably carry some kind of payload - or better still a weapon. Preying mantis? It could pick off the flies flying the other plane I would obviously need to build.

  15. I'd imagine bats are good but I'm sure Stained_Eligius would complain a bit when you started hammering a 3 inch nail into his spine just for your enjoyment.