Hours of Fun with Microsoft Sam

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by dumdum, Oct 2, 2006.

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  1. Endless fun amusing yourself or pissing off other people leaving them stupid messages with this while witholding your number.
    Go to control panel-speech and type in a phrase or collection of expletives etc and the Steven Hawking septic mong voice repeats the offending prose.
    Speed up, slow down, mmmmmmmllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Check out Google and Wikipedia for useful phrases and sound effects.
    Of course prizes available for most inventive wind ups using this exciting and educational tool.
  2. Yeah - it makes me laugh for hours (because I'm an IT freak and get turned on by using geekery for childish reasons!).

    I love making him do drill. "Get those f***ing knees up you c**tbubble. March to the pace I call out. Left right left right left right left right left right left right mark time ah. Get them up you f***ing idiot. I'm going to wallop this pace stick through your ears and ride you round camp like a f**king motorbike" and so on...

    LOL. Childish I know, but what the hell....
  3. Ordering pizza's, taxis etc is good, but leaving messages on random mates/RSM/COs voice mail is better.
  4. I see your avatar and read that post ........ and it puts my head in total "does not compute" mode. But I still gotta laugh. :excited:
  5. The best is if you can Remote Desktop onto someone's PC and make their computer do all the chatting without them ever working out how.

    My poor mother won't go near her 'haunted' box now, and she's not too keen on the PC either.
  6. Nice! Can you save the output as a wave file?
  7. How?
  8. Try this one.....AT&T text to speech that you have several voices to choose from and you can save them as Wav files (and of you download some freeware = 'wavepad' you can convert to mp3.....

    Speak like Stephen

    try changing the voice to 'Anjali from india' and phone a mate pretending to be a Mumbai call centre.
  9. Simply use the basic sound recorder to record a 60 second wav (found under Start->Accessories->Entertainment) which will generally record whatever is playing through your machine. Might need to play around with your sound/volume controlls a bit before it works. If you want longer then download another program, or make many .wav's and join together with some basic editing software.

    Edit: Heh if you wanted to misbehave you could take a laptop on ex and use it to talk to the switch, or get your hands on an unplanned scra terminal and call some random staff users...
  10. Sheer class! I have been typing random insults about my ginner work collegue. Should get the sack in about 10 mins
  11. Ive just left a meassge on my sisters answering machine. Used the Indian girls voice to say her tickets to Bombay are ready. I stated her address etc and bank. Ive just heard she rang her bank in a wild panic to query an Air India Airline booking!!!!
  12. even better you can recreate 80's german porn using the two geman voices.

    ja fick mein arschlock!!!
  13. If you can't find it in the start menu, go to Run and type in sndrec32 then press enter.