Hounslow info???

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by Nixta, Dec 17, 2006.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Looks like we are getting a posting to Hounslow, anyone know anything about the place and what the MQs are like? I know where the place is but that's about it!!!


  2. The only white people in Hounslow are missionaries
  3. are you allowed to say that?!
  4. You'll get a great curry!, but I hope you like planes.
  5. hmmm...well we do like curry! lol! not sure about the planes though. I don't mind them but if they wake up my baby i'll be very very mad!!! ha ha! My husband is happy as he is a Chelsea supporter and has decided he's getting a season ticket when we get there!
  6. The Unit normally ends up having to accommodate some people out in Windsor. There used to be some flats near the school of music in Twickenham, not sure if they are still on the books?
  7. Hounslow.......

    Is a dump.
    Is a shite hole.
    Is full of sponging tossers
    Is effing minging.
    I wouldn't live there if somebody paid me.
    Has a big Immigrant problem.

    But don't let that put you off.

    Did I say it was a shite hole?
  8. hmmm...sounds...erm...nice??? =|

  9. Grrr i hope not, that'd be so annoying being far from the camp! This isn't shaping up to be a very good posting! lol!
  10. Go for the Windsor or Twickenham option if offered.
    You may have to travel a bit, but the quality will be better.

    PM me if you want. I live a few miles from all these areas, and can give you any further info.
  11. From experience of being posted there, from 0615 till 2330, a plane lands roughly every 2 minutes. It f***s the TV and stifles conversation. Duke of Yorks used to be a good pub.

    As said before, a major immigrant problem, loads of illegals

    Good points, M4 not far away, to get out of Hounslow.
  12. Oh dear, really not looking forward to going there now! the noise is gonna drive me mad!!!

    Do you know if the pads there are on the camp or are they in the local area?

    Thanks for all the info from everyone by the way! even if it aint what i wanted to hear! ha ha!!!