Hounds for Heroes

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Nov 3, 2011.

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  1. Just seen this lot on our local news.I had no idea they even existed.Good work- keep it up.

    Hounds for Heroes - Home
  2. I think these come under the canine partners umbrella. There were a couple at Headley today, seems very good I'm considering applying for one.
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  3. Canine Partners is a charity that trains assistance dogs for injured servicemen as well as veterans and civilians with disabilities. We work in partnership with Help for Heroes and other military charities. The dogs are provided free of charge and we are very happy to come and discuss individual situations with people who may be thinking of applying. We work in the Support Hub at Tedworth House and visit Headley Court regularly. We have 120 pups in training, and place dogs with servicemen on a regular basis. Visit our website at www.caninepartners.org.uk for more info. Hounds for Heroes is a separate charity that has just been set up by someone who used to have one of our canine partners. They have just selected 6 pups which will be partnered up in a couple of years time. All good stuff.
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  4. Whilst Hounds is similar to Canine Partners the big difference is that our charity is specifically for the disabled from the Armed Forces and the Emergency Services. I have over 36 years service (RAF sorry!) and currently act as the CEO unpaid. Allen our founder was in the Royal Navy and we have had a great deal of contribution from the British Army. This charity is about looking after our own and to that end in under 2 years we have come from nothing to having dogs in training at our new training base in Petersfield. More news on our website at www.houndforheroes.com or our Facebook and twitter pages. Wayne - CEO - Hounds for Heroes
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  5. Dead link
  6. Might be a bit tough for the pup with your two new additions!
  7. Think i mentioned them ages ago in Charity section? Had their link in my sig block for a year, do really good work indeed.
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