Hotting Up in Basra

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Turntable, Jun 3, 2006.

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  1. With things hotting up in Basra,i would like to take this opportunity to pass this message on to all serving in hotspots around the world. Watch out for the bad guys and keep yer heads down!! Stick it to the ragheads and be proud of what you are doing. Take no notice of the leftie commie rhetoric of some in this country...they know not of what they speak and furthermore they have no idea what ill effects on morale their outbursts have.
    Keep your chins up and stick by your mates. In my limited (very limited) experience of combat situations i know that friendship and loyalty count for a lot.
    Whatever any politician says....keep the faith with your own kind!
    Stay together and stay safe and come home in one piece!
    God bless you all.
    A firefighter! x
  2. Oh the irony.
  3. A firefighter? One of those RAF firefighters they were talking about the in topgun thread? (would only fight to secure use of anal dildos)

    One moment wishing that we would "step on a roadside bomb" like the little cnut he is and the next "showing his support"

    Why oh why did we invent traffic lights, crumple zones, safety razors and the like - we've stopped Darwin and his laws of natural selection
  4. Banter is one thing mate! I aplogise for that comment it was meant as a joke but obviously a bad one...apologies.No i aint an RAF firefighter. I am a civilian firefighter (proper one) lol
    Take care Amigo!
  5. should you not be on strike then ?..................usually are
  6. Not at the moment mate no! But ta for asking! Thing is.. i and many others like me have not always been a firey. Things change in life and those in the forces will see when its all over. Situations change amigo.
    Nothing stays the same.
  7. It wasn't banter an it wasn't funny.

    And unless you happen to be Spanish, stop saying fcuking amigo.
  8. Actually.............i am half Spanish! Sorry and all that! Anyway.......i'm off! Busy man and all that.
    Don't let me hear about any more bad shit in Iraq ok? Come home safe!
    God bless you! :cry:
  9. Your wifes' name isn't Pentwyn by any chance is it? It would explain a lot.
  10. Dunno what has been said in another topic, but he seems to be showing support for soldiers in dangerous places, so you have my thanks anyways matey.
  11. Yep, 49.8 C a few days ago. Now that's hot. Scorchio!!!

  12. This I very much doubt (you being a fireman and all).
  13. Lol I bet he regrets posting now! Beware my friend, ARRSE is more dangerous than Basra!
  14. As Bradshaw says he seems to be supporting our guys and also i would guess has been forces at some time so why do you plebs have to slag him off AND BEFORE YOU HAVE A GO AT ME i served for 20+ years best part of 15 of those with SF so i think i know what is what anyway rant over and if you don,t like what i say then kiss my arse you bunch of kids.
  15. Well said.