Hottest curry ever?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Taff49, Oct 10, 2012.

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  1. In East Kilbride and just had an Indian. I generally like them hot and got prodded into having a Chicken Garem Baher.
    By fuck, is it hot. Burning my lips, mates are laughing, and I had to admit defeat and get some Rietta to cool my mouth down. It was like eating lava.

    Any of you had hotter?

    And no, I'm not looking forward to tomorrow morning.....
  2. The ASDA super hot Vindaloo? Got goaded into it by my "friends" on a drunken evening....bloody hell! Was not good at all. Which is especially embarrassing because my dad is quarter (South Asian) Indian.

    I can eat super/ extra hot spicy Mexican style spicy food all day, but even medium Indian style spicy food gets to me in a bad way. I blame all those Mexican places back home! ;P
  3. ^. Mexican food is piss weak compared to the mighty Vindaloo.
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  4. Isn't there a curryhouse in newcastle that advertises that they do the hottest curry in the land, apparently if you finish it all then the bill for you and your mates is free.
    I think the guy who owns the place bought himself a title
  5. There was/is a pub somewhere near STANTA that does a fuck off hot one. I got a shit t-shirt for eating it (third attempt I think it was). Dunno if it was free for finishing or not, the grunts were stumping up for the fun of seeing their tame medic deliberately damaging himself

    I had a Vindaloo in Brick Lane once, while the plastic bodies show was on in the old brewery, and the manager came out to explain it might be a bit hotter than I was used to, and wanted to check that, in his own words "I didn't hurt myself"
  6. He's dead. The "titled" chap that is, been there, done it, got a certificate and my name on their wall-of-pain, but paid for it both in sweat and cash money.

    It's minging. Just minging. Imagine half a bottle of one of the high-end "distilled" sauces poured into a portion of curry base.... that's about it.

    Good surplus shop nearby though.
  7. The Rupali in Bigg Market, the guy was Abdul Latif, aka Lord Harpole. I think there was an offer of free curries for 5 years for anyone that had been in Iraq or Afghanistan
  8. I was surprised after reading the article from The Scotsman there was no mention of restaurant management requiring contestants to sign a waiver of liability.
  9. You want some of this stuff Chillipepperpete : Congealed Dragons Blood 30ml
  10. Did he stipulate what side you had to have been on?
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  11. Not that I'm aware of.

    I have a feeling that at first he just said Soldiers, then someone pointed out the gay brigade might get upset, and they got included as well. He was onto a safe thing though, who ever heard of a Matelot or Bluejob that could even eat the compo chicken curry - they could handle the raisins (2 per tin, no more or less) and that was about it
  12. I once had a bet with someone in the naffi that i couldnt down a bottle of jamaican hot pepper sauce so two bottles were fetched ( god knows where from ) and the beers lined up for after.
    It was agreed that on the count of 3 we would down it as quick as possible, i won the bet because he downed his in one and i just swigged a little bit.
    I reminded him that i bet i couldnt down it and in his drunken state he got a little bit confused.
    My mouth was on fire just having a swig and my chest was burning like fuck.
    The other poor chap ( inky ) was screaming in pain so we gave him some milk and no sympathy, what was funny though was the blood curdling screams from the toilets an hour later.
    It was mentioned a few days later that silly competitions like this were to cease straight away which obviously had the opposite effect
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  13. The mighty vindaloo is piss weak compared to the mightier phal, but it's all down to the recipe/chef/establishment. I've heard of Scottish curry houses where even a madras is too much of a challenge, even to those used to vindaloos. I have to say that I've never met a curry I couldn't finish, but then I've never been to Scotland. I did meet my match in a homemade "Jamaican chili in oil" many years ago, I'll never try that again!
  14. I am a regular vindaloo eater, and have had an occasional Phall. Ghandi's restaurant in Portishead does the hottest Phall I've ever had. Am now banned by my girl from having them. Last time, my face came out in blotches and my eyes swelled. I'm getting older now and my 51year old plumbing can't take it. You can feel the chilli burn in your lower gut as it burns its way through to your rear exit. It's the only curry that's beaten me. The bastards!