Hotmail, POP files and deleted messages

WTF has happened to my hotmail. emails I'e ha in my inmail for months/years have disappeared and i've got a new file.

The message says some so of external influence is doing all this

Explain to a total luddite

If I had a clue what you were on about?

Are you using the web browser, or importing them emails into Outlook?
using internet explorer and hotmail, suddenly all my long term saved emails has dissappeared in to a "POP" file in my hotmail account...

No idea whats going on but its saying I need to change my options if I want it to stop...but I've not changed owt on my hotmail account ever
The problem is that "Hotmail" like so many "webmail" systems is in a format IMAP which us easily tampered with by the undesirable elements of society. Thus e-mails are being archived using the POP3/SMTP system - much safer!! The unfortunate side of "Hotmail" is that even though one downloads e-mails to ones computer they are still saved on the server - again interference can occur.
If you're using an email client instead of the browser, you'll need to check the box that says 'Leave messages on the server' in the options thing, otherwise they'll be deleted from the server every time the client downloads them.
I believe it's still possible to retrieve deleted messages by sending an email to Hotmail's tech people.

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