Hotmail/MSN Virus Infection - HELP!!!!


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My boy, due to being ignorant of such things, clicked a link from a friend of his on MSN. It was a virus that had clearly infected his friends PC.

What it does is this... It immediatly sends a message to everyone in his address book/contact list - on both MSN and through it to Hotmail. The message contains a link to an 'Idiot Photo of me' It has infected not only his Hotmail/MSN address, but also mine and my OH's...

If you get a message from a friend that mentions 'Idiot photos of me' DELETE THE FUCKING THINGS and don't open them!!!

McAfee scanner doesn't pick it up, so it must be very new. can anyone suggest a way (for a total computer numpty like me) to get rid of it... and to warn my contact list not to open the links (because I can't open Hotmail can I?)
Unlucky. Once you've removed it you'll need to reinstall MSN since if its a variant of the virus it patches MSN with its own version and files.

Top tip for the future: Don't use MSN or the internet as an administrator. We all click on links, even ones we're not entirely sure of.
If you're just a user then most viruses etc will be unable to install themselves if you do accidentally click a bad link. :wink:

Try running this

Its an online virus checker from a very reputable company.
I get this:
Error 001

Security Scan and Virus Detection do not work with your operating system. To run Security Scan and Virus Detection, you must be using Windows 98/ME, NT 4.0 Workstation/2000 Pro/XP, or Mac OS 8.1 or higher.

Why would I want one of those O/S's? I might get a virus. :D
I feel your pain. When my rug rats are a tad bigger and can actually read, I'm going to opt for the un-networked laptop each to isolate this sort of thing. Luckily I'm currently at the stage where CBeeBies website is cool (not that he sez cool) and 'Beep Beep' car sat on daddy's lap is the game of choice!

And yes, we also play football in the road :)
Football in the road !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ye gods man, don't tell the PC brigade, they'll want to stop your offspring breathing polluted air, being seen in sensible clothing, moving at anything greater than a sedate pace, and have them labelled as trouble-makers. YOu will have the thought police round shortly !!!!!!

Engage panic circuits
Panic circuits engaged, sir !
AAAAHHHHHhhhhhh !!!!!!!!
You may also want to run Adaware 2007 and spybot S & D. Both are free.

Hijackthis is also a good free tool. It will tell you what is running on your system. It saves a log file that can be pasted or uploaded to here and this will then tell you what is good or bad. Very handy for seeing what malware/trojans etc are actually running.

I'm presuming your using windows xp. It is also worth setting up an account for him. Start > Control panel > User Accounts > create new account > Name > choose limited. Get him to log on to his account when he uses the PC. Start > log off > switch user > click his account.

You should be able to set msn messenger to automatically scan any incoming files

Tools > Options and click File Transfer. Then you have to set the file path to your antivirus software executable. Not sure exactly what version of Mcafee you have but Mcafee Enterprise is

C:\Program Files\Network Associates\VirusScan>scan32 /AUTOEXIT %1

Good luck.
The thing that has infected your computer is acctually a worm not a virus

A worm is a virus that does not infect other programs. It makes copies of itself, and infects additional computers (typically by making use of network connections) but does not attach itself to additional programs; however a worm might alter, install, or destroy files and programs.

using spybot search and destroy which someone mentioned above should remove it but make sure you re-install MSN aswell.

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