hotmail - messenger problem

the question I have is about hotmail. one of my mates, b### who lives in germany can email me or use messenger for a convo & he has a green icon next to his name in my contacts list. I have two other messenger contacts, who have a red icon next to them, which when I click for a messenger convo with them, I get an email message screen appear, not a messenger screen. I am getting a new message sign on the title bar, next to my email addy, but I can not open this by clicking it. is this message from one of the 'red iconed' persons?
does this mean they are bloked or partialy bloked? what can I do to get them a green icon?
my email account is a free one with msm hotmail.
If they're red it may mean they are blocked or most probably just offline.

Unless you get MSN live you can't talk to offline contacts, herein lies thy problem you're having.
Hmmm on a similar note.

I downloaded the lates Live Messenger and now it won't work saying my Firewall or remote connection won't let me. I'm using cable broadband rather than a router so i don't think its the remote connection and have tried disabling my firewall and even removing it from my PC all to no avail.

Anyone more geeky than me have any ideas?
or try these:!8B3F39C76A8B853F!3644.entry

How do I fix error 81000365, 8100035b or 80072EFD?If you
can't sign in to MSN Messenger, the connection settings in
MSN Messenger might be preventing you from connecting to the
Microsoft® .NET Passport or Microsoft® .NET Messenger
Service. The MSN Messenger Connection Troubleshooter can often
find and fix these problems. The Connection Troubleshooter
starts automatically if MSN Messenger encounters a
connection problem. If you choose not to use the Connection
Troubleshooter, or it does not solve your connection problem, try
the following:

Click the Tools menu, and then click Options.
In the left pane, click Connection.
Under Connection Settings, click Test Connection.
If you agree to allow the Connection Troubleshooter to
examine your system, it will test for connection problems and
report steps you can take to correct them.

Optional: Perform advanced troubleshooting
To troubleshoot your specific type of connection, click
Advanced Settings. On the Advanced Connection Options dialog
box, check that the settings for your particular connection
type are correct. To test your connection, click the Test
button. Click OK, and then click OK.

Click OK.
When you choose these settings, MSN Messenger will use the
Microsoft® Internet Explorer connection settings if

Try signing in to MSN Messenger again.

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