Hotmail email v Vista v I.E.8

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Muggle, Apr 18, 2009.

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  1. Probably posting this in the wrong area, but I have looked and cant find anywhere else (feel free to put it else where MOD).

    Been having problems getting into my hotmail email page since getting a new laptop. Its got Vista installed and I upgraded to Internet Explorer 8. I can log into Windows Live and view everything else, except my email page. I've tried deleting 'cookies', internet history, etc, but so far i've only managed to view my page twice (no idea how to be honest!)

    Any help would be really, REALLY appreaciative.

    Ta much folks!
  2. It would have been better posting it in the computer section ;)
  3. i looked but couldn't find it! :?
  4. It's in web and site issues near the bottom of the forum lists ;)
  5. Like i said, the MOD can move me if he/she wishes, but i am in DIRE need of help!!!! :help:
  6. Does your inbox normally arrive as a popup? If so check your settings to see if your email program is on the allowed list. Failing that, dump hmail and get gmail ;)
  7. I would also suggest removing IE8 and trying it in IE7 again, even just temporarily. I've found that quite a lot of sites have problems with IE8 and I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft's own webmail was one of them...
  8. Download firefox, avast n use messenger on Vista. Works for me Muggs
  9. Cheers all!

    Tarpaulin - I'm dim. I've tried uninstalling IE8 but cany figure how to.. Went onto install/uninstall and cant find it.

    Highway Man - No, it doesnt appear as a pop up. just says that i cant log in to that site if it isn't connect to Live (i thought it all was!).

    Sparky - dont want to upload anything i shouldn't. thats why my other LP got f*cked up!

    really appreciate all the replys
  10. Google them first n then make up your mind. Honest Muggle they're brilliant.

    I'm on vista on my lappy.
  11. downloaded avast and messenger and still got heaps on probs. been trying since midnight to get into my email, and i've only just managed. not done anything different!
  12. This issue is best handled by the Windows Live Technical Support Team. You can contact them by following these steps:
    1. Go to and then select Windows Live ID.
    2. Enter any keyword in the Search for: box and submit the search.
    3. Select one of the help topics displayed under the search box.
    4. Click Get more help at the lower-right corner of the window.
    5. Click Get support.
    6. Complete the e-form and then click Submit.
  13. Try accessing through
    Not a permanent answer but will pick up what you may have that needs actioning.
  14. I use the Outlook Express method of getting my hotmail with complete success,

    can be found in Microsoft Office, easy to set up.
  15. Can this be done with Microsoft Outlook 2007? If so, how do I get my Hotmail to show in Outlook?