Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Litotes, Jul 1, 2007.

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  1. I was about to open a Hotmail account for Litotes jnr (who is hanging over my shoulder as I type and correcting my typos.... sorry, Litotes jnr, typographical errors...) and it will only allow me to open a account rather than a account.

    Obviously, Hotmail has detected that I am in the UK and wants to reserve the .com accounts for the Yanks. I would prefer the .com account as it mirrors that which I have.

    Any suggestions as to how I can force Hotmail to give me a .com account?

  2. Possibly ask someone in Germany to do it for you? I did mine here and got .com.
  3. Was that recently, SBM?

  4. No, couple of years back. I should imagine if you access English MSN from abroad it should work.
  5. Thanks, mate!

  6. Sixty

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    Have you tried a Proxy Server? The one I'm using lets me in so far before booting me for a 'bad request'.

    I suspect a better (i.e paid for) one might help or a more powerful free one.

    Edit: Litotes, just going in direct to www. hotmail .com is giving me no option other than other than .com

    Worth a try.
  7. I have to say this annoys the fck out of me, as an expat I just cannot get certain sites to work, defaults to .de and thats that. No way can I get it to change.

    incidentally, hotmail is toss, get

    also, remember to register several names/sites and use them for:

    1. Friends & family etc
    2. website logins and setting up accounts (ebay, amazon and so on)
    3. girl friends (so the wife doesn't try to read your mails)
    4. dodgy sites that demand your email address as a last resort.
  8. It's difficult enough having two personae; one real life and one on here!

    Bloody Alzheimer's!

    Now, where was I.....