Hotmail account breached by Chinese hacker

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by gallowglass, Sep 5, 2011.

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  1. Am posting in hope of getting some help.

    On trying to access my Hotmail account a few days ago I found that my password was being refused. After a few attempts, I went through the process of resetting my password, but noticed that I was now being prompted for a security question concerning 'my favourite teacher', which I had never entered in my hotmail profile previously. Suspecting that something was wrong, I managed to get my password changed (the re-set details being sent to my gmail address), yet noticed that my date of bith had been changed, and an e-mail address - ending with - had now been added to my profile. Nonethless, I regained find that my hotmail account is now reading in Chinese, as a consequence of which I am not able to navigate around or really use the account itself. Naturally, because I don't speak or read Chinese, I am not able to alter the language setting.

    Can anyone give me a pointer as to how I can go about fixing this?
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  2. I don't have a Hotmail account myself but I'd imagine the menu layout looks the same regardless of which language its in. If you go to the settings menu and look for 语言设置 that will be the language settings - pick 英文 (or possibly 英语).
  3. Can you copy and paste bits of the screen into Google translate, and work it out that way?
  4. Why would he want ot pick Chicken fried rice or peking duck?
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  5. Sorry can't help with the language.

    If you have an ebay account I would strongly suggest you check that out as well, as these two hacks often go hand in glove.

    Hacked hotmail, and other web based email accounts, are easy prey for these 'feckers if you have a weak password and/or use the same password on multiple accounts.

    If you have a mate, he can report a hacked hotmail account on your behalf as a friend. Get them to open their own account and go to the 'mark as' tab. This has a drop down menu showing the relevant link.

    Hope this helps.
  6. He's bound to get hungry while he figures it out for himself.
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  7. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Get someone else with a hotmail account to open theirs up, and then just mirror their menu options to set back to english.
  8. msr

    msr LE

    I hope you haven't re-used the password anywhere else...
  9. Thanks to one and all for their advice (and p*ss takes...).

    I have managed to regain control of my hotmail account, and changed the language settings back to English. I took onboard the advice regarding eBay, which proved prophetic, as my account appears to have been breached there also. However, I am a very infrequent user of eBay, and have blocked my Paypal account until I get this issue sorted out. Strangely, it would appear that not alone has my eBay password been changed, but my User ID itself, even though a search still recognises the User ID as existing, but shows that it has been changed. Unfortunately, eBay's customer support service leaves a lot to be desired, as outside of 'logging in and contacting us' (which obviously I cannot do), there doesn't seem to be much I can do. What I have done is replied to one of the 'an eBay item you were watching is ending soon' messages I periodically receive.

    Anyway, I've been lucky thus far, but will take precautions in future.
  10. Check your cabling, you may have gooks in the wire. If so, go to
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  11. I hope you have a different password for ARRSE. Otherwise we could be seeing some very interesting posts from you shortly.
  12. Adam (KOS) has got the same problem, he keeps e-mailing me, with some other such bollocks. I should really tell him but I need to smack the dog around the face with a piece of uncooked chicken.
  13. I fear that the OP may have a chink in his security
  14. i bet the op uses face book and had the live spaces links activated, the one ane only time i ever had a problem with anything in the past it was because of facecrap, however having all my detail change notifications sent to a different unrelated email account meant rectifiying the breach was a lot simpler (click here if this wasnt not done by you), the day after it happened ot me it happend to half of the people it worked with, it would apear i was the lucky one who's paypal was only hit for 50$ worth everyone else was creamed for 100's.

    moral of the story, dont use facecrap, if you do dont put anything thats real in it.
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