Hotels near Shrivenham

Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced one?

Most of them are in Faringdon:

Sudbury House is tied in some way to RMCS - don't touch it - awful place

Crown - Old Coaching Inn - Cheap (ish) and reasonably cheerful - Room 1 is OK - The 4 poster room (their so called best) does not cut the mustard.

Bell - Well what can I say - the manageress has the personality of a ... - Food was very poor last time I went in, although heard a reasonable report last week.

Portwell House - If you like Thai food this a good place to go. Rooms are a bit tacky though

If you are able/willing to travel a little bit further you wont go wrong with The Vines about 5 miles north of Faringdon in Black Bourton. Good Proce, Excellent food and very very friendly staff. Had my wedding there not too long ago

Not sure if there is actually anything in Shriv or Watchfield.

Don't go towards Swindon - you might catch something you would prefer not to.

Hope this helps
I forgot to add.

I f you are in Faringdon then ensure that you head to The Folly Inn on London Road (near to the Sudbury House Hotel on the road leading towards Oxford from the town centre). It is well worth a visit. You are guarateed a warm welcome and may bump into a couple of military types, but more likely to be good locals.

Make sure you have a pint of Hobgoblin real ale! You never know I might even be in there to pour you one! :D
When I was in Shrivenham I always managed to find a nice lady to accomodate me overnight in the Beirut / west end of Swindon. Very reasonably price, usually a few bottles of Bacardi breezer!
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