Hotels in Normandy

Discussion in 'Travel' started by dinosaur, Jun 8, 2010.

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  1. I've finally persuaded Mrs Dino that a tour of the Normandy beaches is in order, can anyone recommend a reasonable hotel to use as a base. Thinking about Caen or Bayuex but a little local knowledge never hurts.

    Thanks all. Dino
  2. I know it is technically a tourist area but do not underestimate how unprepared the french are to speak a foreign language. Oh and avoid towns on market day, typically live slaughter in the mornings, and yummy scrum in the afternoon.

    Technically that isnt a hotel, but I didnt stay in one, a cheeky little farmhouse (pronounced shitole) in Foucarville iirc.
  3. Loads of Chain Hotels around Caen and Bayeux. Though you may be better just having a look for a Gitte or however it is spelt, plenty of them around and can be pretty reasonable price wise. Did stay here once bit pricy from what i remember but was good. Best Western Quistreham Only 5 mins from Pegasus bridge to boot.
  4. Same here 3/4 years ago, probably the same room! Be advised that booking for dinner is a good idea though as it tends to get a bit busy (I recommend the seafood platter). We spent most nights just around the corner drinking cider.
  5. Can also recommend Arromanche. Stayed there about 5 years ago, in a hotel right on the sea front.
    Have never booked anywhere on a short France trip and never had any drama finding a room.
  6. Meant to mention, a lot of rental sites offer free crossings with the booking, we were looking at £400 for the crossing, we got the accomodation and shitole for less the £400.
  7. Apologies dinosaur for jumping in.

    Any hotels, in Normandy, with disabled facilities?
  8. SSAFA France have a couple of caseworkers in Normandy, they might be able to give you advice. There are several RBL branches up there too you could contact. They have a lot of experience in assisting veterans attending the many commemorations.
  9. Consider campsites as well! Some will accomodate you for a long weekend if that's what you want.

    i've just returned from Normandy, but i was up at the UTAH beach area.We stayed at a campsite that is pretty good at accomodating you for all lengths of stay. I know it's out of your chosen area, but it's called Le Cormoran. Right on the beach, outdoor and indoor pools.Bar on site,secure and the accomodation is first rate!

  10. I usually stay at one of the hotels in Benouville, pricey but good location for Pegasus Bridge. I would, however, echo the recommendations for Arromanches. A central location ideally placed to access the British, Canadian and American beaches and has an excellent museum and the 360 show is also recommended.

    My experience with the language is that if you attempt some French they usually reciprocate in very good English.
  11. Thanks fairmaid.

    google map it

    i stayed there was ok, northern end of caen handy for the coast .MacDonalds up the road for kids if they are being a twat .
    Cheap decent rooms good location.

    Enjoy i wish i was going again
  13. Did the tour a few years ago, our group stayed at the Mercure hotel in Caen, on the corner of Quai de La Londe/Rue de Courtonne/Place de Courtonne. It's right in the centre of town, down by the marina. Loads of bars and restaurants in the locale. (Do a google map search for 'hotel mercure port de plaisance caen')

    I don't know how much the rooms were as I didn't settle the bill, but the place was ok.
  14. Hotel Premiere Classe and Campanile are owned by the same company and are usually located alongside each other. Premiere Classe is cheaper for B&B than Campanile but Campanile does an excellent 2 course evening meal including all you can eat buffet starters. The trick is to stay in Premiere Classe but eat at Campanile.