Hotels in Gibraltar?

Discussion in 'Travel' started by redshift, Aug 24, 2013.

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  1. Can anyone recommend any half decent (and not too pricey) hotels? I will be leaving my current job mid-September and will have a couple of weeks off before I begin the next one so am possibly looking at spending a long weekend in Gib.

    I've never been to Gib and it sounds a bit different than the other EU places I've been to and would love to check it out.

    .......and anything to piss off the Spanish right?

    p.s: I am a Yank ;P
  2. Gib hotels cost around double that of Spanish ones but may be worth it if you are not hiring a car , if you do decide to stay in Spain dont stay in La Linea , its a dodgy **it hole.

    This is one of the cheaper ones , a bit scruffy a couple of years ago
  3. Ideally I would love to avoid having to the crossing the yeah, even if I have to pay a bit more wouldn't mind.

    Would I need a car if I stay just on the rock for 2-3 days?
  4. No car req if you are staying in Gib , a push bike would be handy but remember its bloody hot down there at the moment.
  5. Never tried this as Ive nearly always driven in from Spain,

  6. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    A the 5th Column is on the move.
    Are you parachuting in as a Spanish Nun?
  7. I usually stay at the Rock but it can be expensive. It is is need of a re-vamp but it is probably the best in Gib. Try I usually use them. As for being a Yank you could pretend to be Canadian.
  8. The Bristol is a bit too shabby for my liking, okay if you only want somewhere to collapse whilst drunk. The Rock is pricey and a little out of town, but very good quality and they serve the best JCs in Gib. The Elliot is very central, good quality, has a good pool on the roof, and is usually cheaper than the Rock. The Caleta Palace is on a par with the Elliot, but is quite a way out of town, though it is right on the beach.
  9. Gib is a dump.
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  10. So you're a Dago eh?
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  11. ah JCs!!

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  12. Never the most trustworthy of sources. Here's an article from 18 months ago

    And 1985
    The Milwaukee Journal - Google News Archive Search

    How come none of the other papers are reporting this? Despite the "photos circulating on facebook", all the facebook returns are just quoting the International Business Times

    Gail Tiron is keeping quiet as well. Here's her twatter page

    No mention of her car getting torched, her last twat is 2 days after the article, penultimate a week prior.
  13. Mrs. Civvie always refers to Gib as 'council house city'. Do you think that's a fair description?
  14. For location I would certainly recommend Eliotts