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Hey fellas,

Can anyone please recommend a hotel/ B&B in Belfast? For 1 night, preferably in/ near city center - has to be with parking. Any input appreciated.


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Days hotel. Just off GT Vic St. Jury's hotel if its your money in city centre. There's the Merchant or Fitzwilliam s if you're spending someone else's money, a lot of someone else's money.
Europa surprisingly good for a pint of Guinness. Crown bar now a Nicholson's bar, beer and food is at an all time low. Now catering for tourists-Robinson s can get pretty chuckie. Apartment is pretty grown up for people in suits.
Garrick, worth a pint. Remodelled kitchen also. Grub morning star. Worth a look as in '**** me how did they paint that' Cafe Vaudeville.
Really good food food Ginger Bistro and Deans Bedford St. Coffee good in water stones, next (franchised out). Cafe Nero used to be OK
Clements for coffee seems to be a winner.

Holiday inn university St areas a bit of a grip.
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While on the topic, can anyone recommend one in Dublin? The reason I was asking for parking is that I am doing sort of a "road trip" from Belfast to Dublin (and around) so do need a car....
See if Jury's are doing any sort of deal. There's a secure car park at the rear of the Belfast one. And I'm almost sure the Dublin one has car parking albeit a multi storey next door

Good luck driving around Belfast its a complete bastard these days. We've discovered bus lanes

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Discovered bus lane that's a fecking understatement. I thought that Bus lane restrictions were only in force during rush hours that fecker by the courts and the back of City hall is a hightmare.
While on the topic, can anyone recommend one in Dublin? The reason I was asking for parking is that I am doing sort of a "road trip" from Belfast to Dublin (and around) so do need a car....
Try the Bewleys hotel in Ballsbridge or Leopardstown , cheap with car parking and no more than ten minutes away from the city centre
If you're getting the ferry into Larne,best bet would be to head on the coast road to Belfast instead of the Larne Line,the's major roadworks on there so you can expect delays (& coppers with speed traps)
Grand Central Hotel used to be good
Could be a bit noisy at times so not guaranteed to get a goodnights sleep and the Porters were crap as you had to carry your own suitcase up the stairs!
Some change of plans now and rather than start another thread I am going to post here....and as usual will appreciate your inputs.

Now this one night trip is turning into a 3 day trip. Rough itinerary as follows:

- Fly into Belfast on Friday morning -> anything to see during the afternoon in/ around Belfast?
- First night in Belfast, hotel booked (Holywood Rd) -> Can you recommend any night life in the city? A decent restaurant, any place with plenty of bars
- Drive to Slane Castle on Saturday noon for an Eminem concert that evening, hotel booked near Dublin city center (Lower Stephens Street) -> Can you again recommend again any strip for decent bars etc.?
- Drive back to Belfast late next day and fly back (long story - plus it was cheaper)

Other things: Any nice drives around the areas (coastal etc.?) you can do in a day or two? The couple of nice ones I've done before were around the Galway area in the western part.

Any tips/ input etc. much appreciated! :)
Belfast - the Titanic centre (cliché but it's genuinely worth seeing) you could walk from there across the harbour bridge to the Cathedral Quarter which is all bars, eateries and arty things. also in the CQ area are the Belfast War Memorial Museum & the RUR Museum. Both very small but worth a look in if that's your thing.

Dublin- These days I always stay in/around D4. It's the "posh" bit of the centre, not much in the way of clubs but plenty of good traditional (as in traditional drinking) pubs and restaurants.

The Wicklow Hills out of Dublin or the Antrim Coast Road out of Belfast. Both day trips or even half-day trips if you're nippy well worth doing.


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You're at the PA decent enough bar. The restaurant still ok, used to do great portions, Gelston's Corners the name of it.
Avoid Stormont Inn and anywhere else on the Newtownards Rd.
Around that area is The Point (we usually avoid it because its full of spotty youths in suits) Horatio Todds fancies itself. Hell, head for ther town centre its only a taxi ride away. Dump the bracelets, wristbands and treat it like amatuer night.
Visit a real english bar. The Crown.
Decent Guinness and you can say you've done it, The Europa. There are bars all over he town centre, it really isn't that big. The Apartment just by the city hall. In town itself there are wee bars all over, different crowds. McCrackens, McHughs, The Kitchen. Duke of York.
Lifes too short for Kellys, The John Hewitt.

Other direction from the Europa is university area. Most of that's pretty civil.
For getting in touch with your inner female The Kremlin, Mynt.

Nice drives coastal Holywood Rd, Dundonald. Ards Portaferry across the ferry to Strangford Downpatrick and back to Belfast. Good sweep, views and if the weathers good drive nice and slow. It'll piss everyone off.

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