Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Lance_Bombardier, Oct 23, 2007.

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  1. hi, sorry if its been done already.

    i have been getting several wierd PMs from a user called Hotel_60 any chance of sorting this mong out?

    already PMd him once telling him to naff off but he pursists!


  2. I got exactly the same PMs, just ignore the freak.
  3. This tube has been reported to the Admins and I have requested that its account be deleted ASAP.

    Mr C
  4. in that case thank you and apologies for dragging up whats already an issue

  5. Happy days. The freak was PMing me all day yesterday.
  6. I had about 7 PMs from the weirdo yesterday (including the same as the first one above) ... replied to a couple to tell him to go away and then just deleted the rest ... what's his problem?

    Sorry to add when this seems in the process of being resolved but he certainly seemed to know some info about my army career which he slipped into his inane rantings.
  7. Wish he'd PM me - would give me something to do.

    I PM'd him so hopefully ill get the shit now. :D
  8. Hope he PM's me as well.'re a cunt and I raped your mum. :D