Hotel Shag - Should I Grass?

Well, well, well...

Working in this rat-infested weegie hotel (as Clunge once put it, I think) has landed me in a wee touch of potential bother and I'm just not sure what to do.

I deal with shaggers and cheaters all the time, whether I'm night shift or day shift. They are surprisingly easy to spot and many are quite vocal about it. Take the young lads who had a lassy (shitfaced) in with them and openly discussed the threesome they were about to have. Shortly before one of the lads answered a phone call from his girlfriend.

Anyway, a bloke popped in a short while ago and asked me to look an old invoice and confirm two people had stayed. Evidently he'd found it amongst his wive's belongings. I confirmed that two people HAD stayed and that the time was 2PM. Felt really bad for the guy, he was devestated when I told him. There's no doubt about it either.

He's asked me to look up CCTV. I can't get into it right now but I will be able to tonight when I get the new admin password for it. I've asked for his mobile number and told him I'll text him when I get a look at it and burn a disk for him.

Now seriously regretting it.

What if the missus turns up and confronts staff and managers? Is it legal for me to even give him the footage? What if he goes ballistic and murders his wife?

Not sure what to do.
Don't get involved. It's not your problem and not your business. You might get fired and could be setting yourself up for all kinds of further trouble.

The bloke might be a private detective and could have spun you a pack of lies about being the husband.

Alternatively, the sad looking soft spoken man in his 40s might well be a cuckold - and might be planning a weegie solution involving a violent rampage with an edged weapon.

You should respect the guests confidentiality and let this guy deal with his own problems.
What AB says is a very sensible view to take.

However, it is the NAAFI and you know the rules. Get her pics posted so at least one of us can use it to gain some immoral leverage over her or, at the least, she may provide material for a chug.


Feel bad for the bloke, though, seriously.

If it were me I'd want to know.
i understand where you're coming from. just be careful what you're getting into. you
can get into all sorts of shit. i assume the UK has similar privacy laws as Oz.
not worth losing your job over someone elses domestic dramas.

feel free to post cctv piccies of the missus in question here though. :)
Agreed with the above. As bad as you may feel for the guy though, you are on very dodgy legal ground and I suspect that not only could you lose your job for handing over the CCTV footage, you may be liable for prosecution.

As it's the NAAFI (and not being interested in her), was either her partner or lover fit? I'll offer my services as mender of broken hearts to either/both...
Thinks you'll be falling foul of that there actual Data protection act, information should be stored securely and only used for the purposes it was intended bits.
As opposed to the DPA that various companies use as an excuse not to do anything or as a reason that you have to phone their premium rate lines to speak to their sales team who try to sell you more shite.

Home insurance auto renewal which is more expensive than the exact same policy via
Email them to tell em to poke it and get back a 'We cant do that via email for data protection reasons phone this number instead'.

What exact data protection issue is there? An email quoting the policy number, address and from an email addy thats in my name isnt as 'secure' as any random fucker picking up a phone and providing the same details?!
Even letting him see the vid footage will drop you in it.
Just say no to him...and jarrod.
Its the shaggers and cheaters that keep you in a job, by the sounds of things.. the "guests" who seek out grotty, seedy hotels LIKE the ambiance of run down places with worn carpets, the smell of fag smoke and spotty youths at reception who agree to let rooms by the hour. Families and people with legitimate reasons for staying are not your customer base.

Have you wondered why the keyholes are 3 times the size they should be ?
harge him 100 sheets to look at the footage for 10 secs or even better run some discrete cameras in the rooms and upload the footage here how was his missus shaggable?


My advice -Don't get involved under any circumstances it really has nothing to do with you. I appreciate you have a shed load of sympathy for him but life is a bitch and shit happens. It sounds like he is onto his wife's infidelity already. And anyway, she may have a good reason playing away, he might have a small dick or ginger pubes.
refer the chap to the management. Its ok to feel sorry for the fella, but how sorry will he feel if you get the sack and what will he be able to do for you?
Thinks you'll be falling foul of that there actual Data protection act, information should be stored securely
and only used for the purposes it was intended bits.
Agreed. You would in fact be comminting an offence under the Data Protection Act and would be liable for prossecution should the wife
wish to press charges. As someone else said refer him to the management, its above your pay scale to have to explain it to him as you dont know
how the husband will react.
The solution is simple. Tell the bloke to send in a request to see the CCTV footage of "his" and his "wifes" stay that the hotel. He has the invoice to prove he stayed there!

He has a right to see the CCTV of "His" stay there.

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