Hotel satisfaction survey

A business man is checking out of a hotel after staying for a couple of nights.
At the reception desk the manager says to him. "Sir as you are probably aware this hotel is under new management, as you have previously stayed here may I ask you some questions relating to your stay?"
The businessman replied. "Fire away."
The manager said. "Did you find the hotel staff helpful?"
"Yes." replied the man.
"Would you say that restaurant and bar staff were helpful and polite?"
The man again replied. "Yes."
The manager then asked. "Was your room clean and your bed comfortable?"
Again the man replied. "Yes."
The manager then asked. "Was there anything you would wish to complain about?"
The man replied. "Only that there was not any toilet rolls in the lavatory."
Taken back the manager replied. "Well you have got a tongue in your head!"
The man replied. "Yes, but I have not got a neck like a f**king Giraffe!"

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