Hotel Rwanada

Went to see it last night. Cracking film, only mild Hollywood sentiment!

Anyone else seen it?
Seen it?

Yes. And I might go and see the film as well.
On the whole, an excellent film..kudos to Don cheadle for his performance and the impact such a film does on opening up the ' great unwashed' to what happened [ if you can get them to the show instead of watching the latest Bruce Willis extravaganza ]..

Too bad the writer/director/producer had to distort and diss General Romeo Dallaire's efforts by having him ' demoted ' to Col. and played by that brilliant actor, Nick Nolte as a useless drunk [ big stretch for Nick in the thesp department ]..

as a companion effort, I suggest you go see the documentary " Shake Hands With the Devil " a follow-up to the General's Book of the same name..[ which is a cracking read on its own and worth the pennies ]..

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