Hotel recommendations near Arnhem

It's time for the oldest Angularette to go on his first battlefield tour. Can anyone recommend a decent B&B/hotel in/near Arnhem? Three or four star is OK, the chance to meet Dutch people would be a real bonus (e.g. family B&B).

I shall do the guiding myself, not because I was there, but because I know the target audience reasonably well. Thanks for your help.
I've stayed at the Bilderberg Hotel Wolfheze Bilderberg Hotel Wolfheze . The hotel is a little pricey but has excellent facilities, good restaurants and is well placed for touring Oosterbeek and Arnhem. The hotel is nestled in a woods on the edge of Oosterbeek, which in September 1944 was where SS Kampfgruppen Kraft dug in to block 1st Parachute Brigade's path to Arnhem. The road junction where General Kussin ran into 3 Para is near the hotel entrance.
General Friedrich Kussin
Try a hotel searcher. Just type in Arnhem and it should give you and idea about hotels location there, feedback about standards and how to book. Other then that, try google maps or google it.
welcome to the site but:

he was asking for recommendations from people who've stayed there - I'm sure he knows how to use the internet!

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