Hotel or B&B In Lundun ?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Auld_Sapper, Sep 1, 2004.

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  1. Could'nt find a specific place to post this request so here will have to do. Me and the Belfast Bitch are popping 'dan Lundun' way tomorrow and we need to stay over for the night. Anyone recommend a Hotel or B&B near Wandsworth-ish (and before anyone starts am no staying wi' ma cousins in Kings Cross Station, OK? !!) :wink:

    Much thakfulness in advance

    Ubique ya bass !!!

    Assuning you have a MoD 90. Its VERY near Waterloo so not a gazillion miles from Wandsworth and has cracking views of Laaahndon.
  3. Or a copy of your discharge papers
    Or your "little red book"

  4. Single room is £35 and a double is £60 ish per night, pay extra for breakfast and pay extra for secure car parking...

  5. If you've got cash to spare, the City Inn in Westminster is very nice.
  6. Some great deals available on, I stayed in a 5 star place on sunday night with Mrs Arm for 65 quid, great deal.
  7. UJ is OK, but you can get better value by using UJ is like living in the block (some rooms do not have en-suite and decor is very block-like) and isn't that much cheaper than a B&B in Bloomsbury.
  8. The UJ is indeed like a barrack block, and is also full of Johnny Frenchman - they have a contract with Eurostar. I can think of no better reason for giving the place a wide berth.

    There is also the Victory Services Club near Marble Arch - ID card or proof of service needed to join.

    I have found the Columbus Hotel to be exceptional value. B&B for about £50 (they do good special offers, too), all ensuite rooms and it's 2 mins from Paddington Station, ideal for Heathrow Express. You can walk to Oxford Street etc. Details here:
  9. And lots of er... working ladies in the vicinity too. What are the hourly rates on the rooms VB? :D
  10. Someone told me that there are rooms available in the Royal Hospital Chelsea (or whatever its called). I'm not joking by the way - apparently its quite plush and cheap too. Loads of old blokes around in red coats though. But you'll probably get a nice pint of mild or stout while your there.
  11. they used to let you kip in the coat room of the UJ for naught no mater how pissed you were previded you promised to to be sick or lag your self cheap and very classey