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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by pinguin, May 3, 2009.

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  1. Paid for a Hotel Bill from my English Bank Account that was in Euros. Tourist Exchange rate was about 1.3 and the ffr at 1.4.

    The bill was settled in full from the English Account that the advance of pay for the payment of the bill was paid into.

    However i have now been audited 18 months down the line and i have to pay back an extra £50 as the hotel bill (Euros) was converted at the FFR at the time instead of what i actually paid from my account.

    Long and short of it, am i able to do anything about this or do i just lie back and take another one for the good and benefit of the army.

  2. 18 months, jeez.
  3. So you are not actually out of pocket then? JPA is not there to make you money, it is merel to reimburse you the actual costs (presuambly you claimed IE whilst at the hotel at the EU rate (was £10 per day in my time?) :D
  4. Think I may have read your message incorrectly. If you are saying you received a worse exchange ratethannthe FFR when getting your refund, there is a facility on JPA to claim the difference between the exchange rate you received and the FFR. I am not a guru, so you wll have to seek advice from a "pay person" on what you need to support such a claim (when I did it, I simply attached a copy of my bank statement showing the exchange rate the bank used, when compared to the FFR with copies of receipts)