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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by JonnyAlpha, Sep 8, 2009.

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  1. Could anyone enlighten me as to the publication that shows how many nights accomodation you are entitled to at public expense when moving between SFA within the UK.

    I have trawled through JSP 752 and although it explains that as long as the hotel is booked through DHRS and is on thier list of approved hotels you can claim back the costs however it does not specify any limitation as to how long you can stay.

    When speaking to RAO staff they too are very illusive some quoting up to 6 nights and more recently for this move I have been quoted 2-3 nights but would like to see the regs.

    The timings should allow for the day removals are collected to the day you are sufficiently unpacked in your new SFA without kicking the ARRSE out of it!!

  2. I once got 3 nights in a 3 star as the Bn would rather use MT transport than hire 3 x cars/1 x minibus and let us drive back to camp. A laughable 3 days on the pesh followed with much abuse of the hotels proximity to the local town centre.

    If I could manage that I'm sure they could stretch for a decent reason such as yours.
  3. Yup. I fear you have only told us half a story, or you wouldn't be asking questions to which you already know the answer. Tell us the whole story so you can get the correct advice :)
  4. You are entitled to 1 night.

    I recently got posted and even your furniture is next day delivery so I spent a lot of time travelling backwards and forwards to March in/out, clear, etc.

    And I didnt even get relocation until I got to my new unit
  5. Well given that Relocation is to come off the recieving units card, that's not quite the drama bomb you make it out to be...
  6. I know that...... but the whole point of relocation leave is so you can get your affairs in order while moving from one unit to another.

    IMO, relocation leave should be taken from the losing unit so you can move to your new place and get settled before starting work with the new lot
  7. My admin office seem to think 2-3 nights so, if its one in which regulation is it stated?

    I seem to recall for overseas postings its up to 6 nights.

    There must be some element factored in to cater for cleaning and handovers etc.
    If your removals arrive late PM you should also be entitled to one night in the new location to allow for getting your bed sorted etc.
  8. Which regulation states where relocation leave should be taken? Its an entitled leave allowance that gets added to JPA and you can take it whenever you like!! A bit before you go and a bit upon arrival to help the missus find schools job locations etc.

    I intend to save some of mine for Christmas!!!

    All depends on your line manager really.
  9. i think youll find its in JSP 760 and look it up you lazy c. u. n. t
  10. Many thanks for your response, however far from being a lazy **** the reason I haven't looked it up is that I clearly was not aware which JSP it was in, however now that I do I will.

    I suggest instead of throwing pointless abusive you focus on providing the information requested or find some other way of passing your time.
  11. As pointed out to me relocation leave is covered in JSP 760, it states that relocation should be taken at the new location before the LTA date however can be taken in the losing location as long as both units agree.

    It also states that relocation leave can be held over if you are unable to take it all at the same time for service reasons.
  12. JSP Chapter 3:

    03.0163. Service Families Accommodation Unavailable for Less Than 28 Days in the UK. Service personnel permanently assigned to a UK duty station where public accommodation has been allocated, but for administrative reasons is temporarily unavailable for occupation for up to 28 days, are entitled to up to 3 nights NS for themselves and their immediate accompanying family, or up to 4 nights NS when a Sunday or Public Holiday is included. The NS may be utilised at the old or new UK permanent assignment station. If SFA cannot be made available after 3 nights (4 if a Sunday or Public Holiday is included), the Service person will be expected to occupy SLA until SFA becomes available.

    If your furniture is picked up one day then dropped off the next then it is just one night - administrative reasons does not mean until you can be bothered to build your bed :)
  13. M&S Shipping will only allow for your furniture to be picked up one day and dropped off the next
  14. Why didn't you clear before you moved and get a proxy to do your march out, if you don't mind me asking?

    Or most places let you go without a march out if you've paid for the cleaners, which is far better than scrubbing your own cooker anyway.

  15. Isnt that the truth mate, never again will i be looking at the pile of cooker parts i have left after cleaning and be wondering if im going to kill the next bloke to get my qtr!