Hotel Bomb in Jordan

Odd choice of target if they were after Iraqi western contractors - I usually stay in the Grand Hyatt because the clients are mostly Arab businessmen, whilst the high-visibility contractors are usually lined up at the bar at the xx and yy hotels elsewhere.
According to news reports a wedding reception was taking place at the Raddison. The Jordanian groom bride lost both their Father and their Father in law in the blast. How tragic is that?

The groom is quoted 'This attack has nothing to do with the Islam faith'. Well said.

Let the perpetrators of these terrible acts rot in hell
bit of an own goal methinks. a shame as having worked and visited Jordan it is a lovely country and the people very friendly towards westerners. i stayed in the Le Meridien when there last. i knew of a hotel 10 mins walk away that was full of ex pats and US embassy staff. maybe the one your talking about 4(T)?
God alone knows what was going on - Jordanians have denied any warning was received, someone or other claims an Israeli official delegation staying in one of them got a headsup from the Jordanians, the Palestinian DMI was killed in one of them...all very spooky. I'm going with the simple option - it's the Iraqi insurgents' deep operations cell.

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