Hotel Bar

A lonely business man is sitting in a hotel bar in London having a drink when a beautiful leggy blonde walks in and sits at the other end of the bar.
The business man is captivated, he calls the barman over and asks whether she comes in regulary. The barman replies that she comes in every couple of weeks. The man asks the barman if he knows what she does for a living. The barman shrugs his shoulders and says. "Possibly an air stewardess, we get a lot of aircrew in here.
The bloke says."Send her down a drink from me." The barman serves her and indicates to the business man. The blonde smiles at him and raises the glass to him.
Desparate to get in her pants he moves down and sits next to her.
Attempting to start a conversation he says. "British Airways, that's a good Airline." The blonde shrugs her shoulders. The bloke tries again. "Arab Emirates really spoil you in First Class."
Again the blonde looks at him somewhat bewieldered at his chat up lines. Finally he says."Don't tell me, I guess it is Quantas."
The blonde fed up with his chat says. "Why don't you f**k off and bother someone else."
The bloke replies. "Got it, Easy Jet!"

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