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Discussion in 'Travel' started by DeltaDog, Dec 19, 2011.

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  1. I'm in Chicago for a week early next year. It's a work thing, but I'd like to get in some sights at the same time.

    I've been looking at hotels and there are about 5 million to choose from. Many of them look good, but the tripadvisor pictures are inconsistent.

    Hotel needs to be central, have a half decent view and a bar.

    Alternatively, a serviced apartment would do quite nicely if anyone knows of a decent one.

    Budget is ideally under £200 ($300) a night including taxes, etc.

    Any recommendations?
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  3. Next door to the Allerton is a "traditional English pub" with half decent beer, sports on TVs etc. Also not a bad place to chat up birds that are staying over on business.

    It's also a 5 min walk (if that) to Gino Easts Pizza place. Excellent Chicago deep dish pizza in there. Top tip -the pizzas a huge, don't bother with a starter.

    Gino's East Chicago
  4. That view would definitely do the trick. Nice one.
  5. Hadn't even crossed my mind!
  6. Tut tut....
  7. Hello There
    May I suggest a nice boutique hotel, just north from the loop, and walking distance to Michigan Ave.
    Chicago Boutique Hotels - Hotel Indigo Chicago
    About 250 USD/night. Do mind that if you're going in February (bloody awful weather) it can go down to 79 USD/Night
    It used to be called "The Claridge". Walking distance to Rush and Division (shitloads of bars and clubs), safe area at night, well connected (one block to the tube, Clark/Division Red Line Station). It's a residential, upscale neighborhood yet within easy reach of Downtown.
    I used to live half a block from there. You even have a decent bar on the same block (the 3rd coast). If weather permits, you can also hit the beach... Nice area all around.
    Butch Maguire's brekkies on weekends (free range eggs, decent bacon... the works...half a block from there). The Hangge Uppe (a decent club for 25-40ish people, really relaxed atmosphere)
    Lived in Chicago for a year, and although some of the info might be outdated, pm if in doubt
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  8. Not very big is it.
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  9. Indeed it's bigger (my mong grammar, sorry)... I was merely implying that it is not so packed with typical yank kids as some of the bigger clubs/bars on Division St. And booze was fairly cheap in it, IIRC. Got my yank ex-gf from there (no complaints...)
  10. I know what you meant ;)