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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by dogguk, Jul 29, 2009.

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  1. I will be moving to Germany in a couple of weeks, which meens moving to a hotel i have told i can claim upto £27.01 per day per person which i wasn't expectiing, this is to cover meals whilst in the hotel while i'm awaiting removels handing quater over and such like. The problem i have no one seems to know what i can claim for in the way of goods purchased during this time. I have heard rumour as long as the goods purchased are consumed within 48hrs you would be ok. Can anyone point me in the correct direction i don't want to buy stuff and find out i have got to pay all the money back.

  2. The £27.01 is Day Subsistence allowance which is to cover the cost of meals on that day for each person. obviously keep your receipts for the meals as you only get back the value of your receipts but i'm pretty sure you can't go and do your weekly shopping on it, its for meals that you pay for and consume on that day i think.
  3. This is for food only Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, dont do what one of my lads did and buy tea bags , sugar ect and expect to claim it back . Sandwiches, crisps chocolate is all fine. Keep recipets though as above and you wil be fine... the same guy baought ******* washing powder and nappies and tried to claim it!! KNob
  4. Oh and you are allowed 1 alcoholic drink with your evening meals
  5. Most hotels/restaurants will give you a reciept for coke :wink: that just happens to be the same price as beer if you ask them nicely.
  6. Thanks very much certain clears a few things up think at least half of my unit will to try and claim tea bags sugar ect.