Hotel accon on Posting

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by boggy_loggy, Apr 19, 2006.

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  1. Can anybody tell me chapter-and-verse what the entitlement is for accon/food on posting following march out from NWE to UK?

    some people say 5 days, some say 7 days does this incl all meals etc??? also, i heard it has changed under JPA?

    A ref would be useful, i've trawled RAAC and AGAI to no avail...

    i would call welfare office, but they're ALL(!) on leave for the week....yes incredible!
  2. JSP 752. Ch 3 Pt 2
  3. i once heard of a loggy major who lost lock, stock, the lot...ended up dishonourable discharge after 16yrs service for fiddling this...advice...don't chance it!

    I mean, if you're entitle to it good...but i believe its heavily scrutinised.

    anyway, i suspect its changing under JPA to give you a room in the local asylum seekers B&B with free soup at weekends?
  4. That free soup is tops!! and the asylum B&B aint bad either. :D
  5. if you are lucky you might even get an en suite bathroom with a toilet facing mecca!!
  6. Chapter 3, Section 2 Para 03.0166 of JSP 752. Subsistence Allowances on Departure from a Permanent Assignment Station Overseas. Where Service personnel unavoidably incur hotel expenses, for themselves and where applicable their accompanying immediate family, on departure from an overseas permanent assignment station following a requirement to move out of either public or overseas rented accommodation, subsistence allowances can be claimed for a period of up to 6 nights. The local CO (or delegated officer) has the authority to extend this period to a maximum of 14 nights on departure if the continued occupation of hotel accommodation is unavoidable. Occupation of hotel accommodation beyond 14 nights requires authority from JPAC PACC. The application should give the reason for continued occupation of hotel accommodation and details of the immediate family members and the anticipated costs involved.

    Hope this helps. I used it when moving MQ at losing Unit and then again at the other end. i.e My familly an I couldn't stay in MQ with all belongings boxed up so we went to a hotel for 2 nights before handing MQ over. We then travelled to gaining Unit, stayed in Hotel for 1 night and took over new MQ the following day.