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hotel accomodation New York

Hi, just a quick one.

Me and a few mates are travelling to New York in a few weeks and one of them has booked us into this hotel for a few days has anyone ever heard of it or been there. Please follow link


Can anyone give any feed back on it?

the_butler said:
thefootman said:
anyone esle ever heard of this place
Wish I had I may have saved some money. Took Mrs Butler there for her 40th. time of my life. Harlem is just like Liverpool.
OHHH sooooooooo many comments.......... :D

Yo Mo'fo........ciam dawn, ciam dawn...


Ps, seen my alloys recently?
minister_doh_nut said:
Waldorf Astoria or you are just on the Welfare.
That hugely overrated and everytime I have stayed there I've had a nightmare. Plus it's full of old fogies, might be a good shout if you are one! ;-)

I would recommend the Hotel Elysee which is midtown as well. Plus it has the fabulous monkey bar - ahhhh happy memories :-D

Regardless of the hotel though, midtown is a great location for bimbling around everywhere in Manhattan. And to be honest if you're having a proper NYC holiday you probably won't spend much time in the room!

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