Hotel Accommodation on posting back to UK from the Middle East

Hi guys,

Just a quick question. I am posted back to UK after 2 years in the Middle East. I have had conflicting advice from Admin Offices, Global RAO etc. DIO cannot give me a SFA until 6 days after my return, so I need to go into a hotel with my family for 5 nights. I believe JSP752 states that I am entitled to 3 nights but Glasgow said 7? Surely I can claim for the period of time from my arrival until I march-in to my quarter.

Thanks in advance,
I returned from Akrotiri last year to come work in Birmingham, they failed to find me a house in time so I spent 10 nights in the Services Cotswold Centre as according to the unit admin, that was the cheapest option. The JSP states 3 nights but there are exceptional circumstances, like yours, that this can be extended for, just put it through the chain of command. You will however have to pay for this and claim it back once in your new unit.

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