Hot Weather PCS

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by CH512O, Mar 8, 2012.

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  1. Got issued the hot weather version today and we all noticed how starchy and uncomfortable it feels compared to the temperate one.
    Also is it really cooler than the temperate version? I was expecting no zips but buttons/velcro to keep you cool but its seems to be same design to temperate one with a zip to keep all that hot air in!!
    A lot of our lads were hoping it was going to be the CS95 uniform but in MTP.
    Mine is in the wash at the moment with shit loads of softener.
    If Gearspotter is around maybe he may want to explain the reasoning behind it??

    And before anyone calls me Gay, i joined when the hairy itchy green shirt was in and that was ******* uncomfortable!
  2. It's the same as the PCS temperate in terms of pattern. I'd heard the hot weather was a lighter fabric too, but it may just be that it's been treated to stop mossies etc in hot climates leading to it feeling starchy.
  3. " i joined when the hairy itchy green shirt was in and that was ******* uncomfortable!..."

    Jesus..thought i was one of the only ones left that had one issued....showing your age now .... ;O)
  4. We are in temperate PCS and have been for quite a bit and if doesnt feel thinner than that. Material feels different, hence the starchy stiffness. There is a tag saying its been treated with stuff and apparently will stay within the material for up to a year! Im sure my squaddie wash will reduce that!!!
    Pattern wise it is the same.
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  5. 24 years in, man and boy and still got a bit to go hence the tour.
  6. Sprog.
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  7. I always hot wash and tumble my kit 4-5 times before wearing for the first time. Seems to work.

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  8. Greeting CH

    The cloth of Warm Weather PCS is a 70:30% Poly:Cotton mix as compared to a 50:50% poly:cotton mix in the Temperate. This is the same mix as was used in Desert/MTP and Temperate (DPM) CS95 respectively. It is also a looser weave than the Temperate version and is approx 100% more permeable than the Temperate cloth. Therefore more breathable. This brings with it better sweat wicking as well so any sweat is spread out more and therefore evaporates faster. You will also note (if you look closely) that it has been treated with a rip-stop (as was Desert/MTP CS95) to reduce any rips or tears as the material is weaker than the Temperate due to its looser weave.

    Warm Weather PCS has been treated with Permethrin (the active ingredient of Peripel) to act as an insecticide (there were a lot of non-battle casualties on HERRICK from infected insect bites - sheep dipping clothing is not as effective as pre-treating the cloth). This doesn't impact on the performance of the cloth itself. The Permethrin is as fixed as a dye so will remain in the cloth for as long as the useful life of the garment. Tests showed that after 6 months of twice weekly boil in the bag Bastion washes, there were still more than 70% effectiveness left.

    As for the design - yes, its the same so it is completely interchangeable with the Temperate (ie post tour in the UK). However, you don't have to use the zip if you want it cooler; the velcro will hold it closed quite happily (as long as you don't melt it with a iron!).

    So, why does it feel stiffer, starchier and less breathable? Probably because, as you've said, it is straight out of the packet. Frankly most things do until they've gone through the wash a couple of times and as your Temperate PCS has no doubt already been washed a few times it will feel much more comfortable to this skin. The higher cotton content in the Temperate also makes it feel more comfortable to the touch. Get them both into a hot environment and you will really notice the difference in performance.

    Hope that helps. Good luck on the tour and feel free to ask any other questions about the kit you've been issued - I'm sure I can find someone to get an answer. And if you want some hairy mary shirts instead - I'm sure I could find some for you!

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  9. NIG

    Oh and Gay ^~
  10. daywalker

    daywalker LE Reviewer

    Why we are on about the hot weather PCS, GS why are the arms on the UBACS top cut so short ? I have got a large size one which fits fine everywhere else yet the arms seem about an inch to short in the arms, an issue I never had with the old ones.

    I'm not the only one to have noticed this so it's def not my ape like arms !!!
  11. It's because the size range was changed to fit in a smaller one for the midgets around the place. So if you were a large on the CS95 version (brown torso), you should be an X-Large on the PCS version (green torso); not that we're calling you fat or anything.

    Unfortunately it appears it has been beyond the wit of clothing store staff to actually read the sizing advice on the labels and in the Fielding Plan.

    If you're in Theatre you should be able to get them exchanged.
  12. Great, knew it wasn't long before we had something that will be nicked from laundry rooms across the Isles and appear all over ebay just after payday weekend.

    So, now we have the "Allly Airborne" PCS, the lightweight stuff that the Ally can cut about in, whilst the "hats" wear the temparate stuff - brilliant, only problem is 16X ain't going to get it just yet.

    What a dilemma for our feathered friends, replacement trops and the Hats go 'em first !!!!!!

    No doubt penns are scratching at Colchester as we speak writing "overseas exercise".

    Gearspotter - all BS aside, I presume they will be the same as the old trops, if you are going somewhere hot they can be demanded??
  13. Yes, but 16Bde have made up their own rule regarding position of the parachute wings, they have them directly on the upper arm of the shirt, and not on the blanking!
  14. In your TA years though, he's done 468 years.
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  15. I am not all that sure where else the arms would be an inch too short, the legs perhaps ^~
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