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Hot Weather Boots

I'm after a pair of Hot Weather Boots, in Black, not Sand.

Does anybody have any advice on which are decent, and which are a load of old to$$. I have tried the issued Jungle Boots, and they just hurt my delicate feet :( . I have also tried Magnums, but they fell apart at the first sign of work.

Do Lowa or any of the other decent boot manufacturers make HW Boots - and not charge the earth?




Wobblyhead said:
I have tried the issued Jungle Boots, and they just hurt my delicate feet :( .
Well you must have very delicate feet then! The US pattern jungle boots are very comfortable once they're broken in. If you're desperate to seperate yourself from a lot of money, then I expect you'll find something, but my feeling is that issue jungle boots are as good as you're going to get.
Wobbly you big homo.

Are your issue jungle boots the correct size? US sizes are one above UK ( eg US 10 = UK 9 ) They also come in 5 width fittings.

Proboot made an issue hot weather boot with NiTrax soles, but I don't know if they are still on issue. The Altbergs mentioned above will probably be your best choice, but start saving or see me for a discount ;)


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