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A mate of mine came round for the weekend to watch the rugby, and catch up. He made some soup for us all, and it was spot on. Here's his recipe.

Garlic - 3/4 cloves
Shallots - half a doz normal size, 3 of those big ones
Leeks - couple of good ones topped, tailed and well washed.
1 to 2 tablespoons of turmeric to taste
Lemon grass - either crush the stalk and remove after cooking or slice very finely in half moons. A lot of people don't like the texture though so I normally remove it.

Couple of teaspoons of Sambal Olek - any chilli and garlic paste will do.

Lightly sauté that lot for 5 - 10 mins - usual stuff to take the garlic translucent etc. You need to get the turmeric in now to take off the powdery effect - then bung in your chicken if you're using that, prawns can be left until a lot later.

Add 1 pint chicken stock and a can of coconut milk - skim any scum that rises now. Add 1-2 teaspoons of corn flour - 15 mins to cook chook. Prepare your red pepper, spring onions and lots of fresh coriander. In the last minute before serving add these plus juice of one lime and a couple of good shakes of Nam Pla - be careful with the fish sauce as a little goes a long way and again, some people don't like it.

Use the Nam Pla and Sambal Olek sparingly when cooking but leave them out as condiments.

Might want to try it with fresh ginger/galangal and/or ground coriander as well. Tends to be best with sea food or chicken - I like to use a chicken, joint it, use the thighs for the meat then make the stock with the carcase including the wings. Fresh grated/toasted coconut is nice but how often do you have one lying around? Another lime will change it a lot and I like it like that in summer. Halve the liquid and serve as a stew over jasmine rice.

Cool down with refreshing Peroni - repeat as often as you need to.


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Thank you for that. Might give it a try this weekend.

Had a Chicken Keng Dang last night with two bottles of Singha. Excellent. I find I'm starting to prefer Thai to Indian (I know "Indian" covers a wide range of cooking styles) but the lighter flavours seem to make the meal more enjoyable. That's not to say Thai is less spicey or flavoursome; it just seems more subtle.

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You can get Tom Yung paste from Tesco's - just add a can of chopped tomato to about a liter of water, 2-3 tea spoons of paste and some chopped mushrooms together with some Thai rice noodles and bring to the boil - add either some prawns before serving or if you want something more substantial use some deboned chicken.

Awesome for hangovers...

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