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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by CptDanjou, Apr 19, 2012.

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  1. I`m looking for some light shoes (not boots) for a hot dry climate , I`ll be doing some walking along dusty rocky tracks but nothing extreme ,I don't like trainers as they seem to draw my feet but realize I may have to have some , finally I don't want anything to military looking, recommendations please .
  2. Cheeky twat I`d only wear the red ones for best .

    You tried Sketchers? any good? sweaty feet?
  3. Mine aren't sandals. I live in my sandals from Lands End (literally), but I've got 2 pairs of Skechers, I have to wear gym socks with them (yes, I know Gym is a dirty word to me) and they're brill. I've got some Step Ups, and some normal ones - I gave a pair away in the Falklands because I couldn't fit them in my satchel.

    Never wear the red shoes on grass, the heels dig in. They're good for putting into someone's head though.
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    Considered Keen Sandals? I bought a pair after speaking with one of the staff in Cotswolds who was wearing them. I pretty much spent the entire of last summer in them. They're expensive but well worth it.
  5. You might like tr consider a pair of "Rendez Wo" by CAT - about 40 Euros. Very good for walking, I love mine, almost indestructible. Come in Euro sizes 35 - 42 (White, Light Grey or Bright Red).

    Rendez Wo.png
    Good support and excellent foot protection on rough track and paths. Good pair of cotton socks and you are away and no sweaty feet.
  6. Nike Air Jesus.
  7. Cheers but I`m a big twat with size 45/11 clod hoppers.
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  9. "Modesto's" come in bigger sizes (38 - 47) but they are around 75 Euros - quality is the same.

  10. I've apparently signed for some size 10m Dress Shoes if you can squeeze into them.
  11. Salomon Exit 2 shoes work for me, comfortable with a good sole and toe protection.
  12. Job jobbed.

    You're good to go.
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