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Hot Sex?

very funny!!


Should have left her on the cooker, Then bummed her burnt corpse!
Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. I just choked up a tonsil from laughing so much.

Although it does beg the question... Why was she frying a wooden spatchelor?


numbered_3 said:
Should have left her on the cooker, Then bummed her burnt corpse!
You've been watching 'Cop' again!!
Funny as funk!!You might say she's got a 'hot cross bum'.......

I'll get my coat!


I might be lining myself up for the biggest Wah of 2007 but... If you were trying to make £250 out of you've been framed would you not at least light the gas and chuck a few onions in the pan? Or use an electric cooker?

What a waste of my precious time! I'm off to check out The Hun and have a power wnak to work off this pent up frustration. :shakefist:
If you're going for the £250 courtesy of the gimpy-handed one/ the heiffer from Emmerdale/ whatever d list celeb is presenting You've Been Framed these days, would you turn the air blue.

Also, try a little experiment. Turn the gas on, let it run for a bit, turn it off and then put your hand on the stove top and see what happens. (And yes, during a blonde moment I learned that one the hard way.)

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