Hot sauces.

So as not to derail the Tabasco sauce thread with a who's better who's best cunt off of sauces... What's your favourite hot sauce.

This stuff is massively hot, just 3 drops can heat up enough curry for 5 people.
If only someone else had thought up a thread like this.
Chilli sauces

Just to show there's nothing new under the sun.


I've just made a Knut of myself then.

Oi, MONG you knut, you said that would be a good idea.
Considering you posted number 8 I'd say it didn't make much of an impression on you:)
Ketchup. Or BBQ sauce.

I have the same resistance to spice as Katie Price's knicker elastic does to vodka and tonic.
Spicy hot condiments are among the most important things there are in life - there should never be a limit on the number of threads on the subject.

Nowadays I tend to mix up my own hot sauces, enough for two-three meals each time, using sauces you can buy and other available ingredients.
For starters -
Pataks chilli pickle mixed with some low sugar/salt ketchup and a few drops of balsamic vinegar.
In fact any highly spicy condiment can be mixed with a bit of ketchup - gives it "body" and the sweetness is an interesting counter to the hot spice.
One of the key ingredients for my signature dish: “Banjo Mexicaine”! . :cool:


(Yes, yes. I know one shouldn’t normally attempt to tamper with perfection, but I was pissed when I invented it; and, IMHO, it’s a very tasty variation on a classic.)
Green Tabasco is great on eggs . Any Tabasco or knock off is a must for me with scrambled eggs .

Quite fond of encona or similar brand , also cheap supermarket carribbean scotch bonnet sauces . I don't like burn your face off sauces but they give you much more flavour of the fruit of the chili rather than blistering pain.
Encona hot chilli sauce, kills all known germs.

Since the demise of the original Cardiff Chinese supermarket I make my own chilli oil. A couple of tablespoons of dried chillies stirred into sunflower oil and left for a month or so. a veritable ring-stinger.....
I only found Tabasco useful for jazzing up IDF scran, because of the convenience of the little bottle, that doesn't require refrigeration in these hot climes. At home with a fridge at one's disposal, far more exotic and spicier (as in hot) things are available. Coincidentally though I recently found a Tabasco product worth keeping in stock and that's their version of Sriracha, which to me tastes better than others and doesn't contain preservatives.
Old style (1980s) HP Sauce, had some heat in it. Otherwise Colemans English Mustard.
I found this product in a Tesco while visiting the outer limits of Milton Keynes...

Great with noodle dishes!

Old style (1980s) HP Sauce, had some heat in it. Otherwise Colemans English Mustard.
I don't recall heat being a trait of any of great British brown sauces like OK, HP, Daddies and Brands steak sauce, though they were tangy, fruity and savoury.

Shop bought mustard was seldom hot enough for my tastes either. My mum used to buy Colmans mustard powder and make an incredibly strong and flavoursome paste.
Too butch to have a batch number.
What are the ingredients?

That photo was from google. My remaining jar is quarantined at work at the moment, but I think prawns were involved.
Chin Su from the 'nam isn't too bad at all-daughter brought me a squeezy bottle of it back from there.
Bit of sweetness but not overpowering like the Blue Dragon glop, and a decent bit of heat too.
F8ck knows what the ingredients are as it's all in worm writing.

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