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9 Regt to go to single type Sqn's with immediate effect in order to deal with drama's of Other Tasks year.  Anyone else tried this?
Even more shocking, apparently of 80 working techs, about 67 will be elsewhere and no I don't mean on Naafi break, ITDs, etc


Have they checked the crew room?

My main recollection of BAT's is that every day the whole shift (am or pm) would be in the crew room watching Neighbours & drinking coffee....
This comes and goes like CO's!   3 Regt tried it a few years ago in Soest and 4 are doing it now.   It appears to make the life of the REME's easier but what it will do is drive a wedge between the different Squadrons relative to type.   Anti-Tank v Airmobile v Recce.   there is distinct danger of Squadrons becoming inward looking and not knowing/caring what anyone else is doing to the detriment of operational and social good.   I am not keen.


War Hero
Never hurt nines! and of course you have to walk further to extract the ****** out of floppies, but thought they'd all gone/were about to go
I rest my case!   "inward looking and not knowing/caring what anyone else is doing"
This splitting the types to the squadrons has worked really well, the Air crew are so busy u only get 4 or 5 (dozen) at tea and toast...pass the jam
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