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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bobling, Jan 4, 2006.

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  1. Sorry for the misleading title :roll:

    I recently finished my phase one training and am cracking on with the TA - and enjoying it. However I am wondering whether I am actually any good at soldiering, I have no idea - no-one has yet told me good job, or buck your ideas up, or anything. From what I can see as long as you got on the bus for the relevant weekends and had two arms, two legs etc etc you passed phase one.

    Should I have had some feedback by this point, if so in what form? I know I get a report from the DS at the training centre but have heard nothing about it yet and have no idea if I will.

    On the one hand I think I shouldn't be worried, if there was something going wrong I would be aware of it by now - on the other I sometimes wonder what if I am actually no good at this and am just wasting everyone's time? Or is it too early to tell?

    How can I tell? Any help/thoughts appreciated!

    Happy New Year!
  2. Trust me mate. You know fcuk all ive done 5 years & 3 tours and havent even scratched the surface!!!
  3. If you had fcuked up, you would know about it, so take it that your doing ok and crack on.
  4. Well at least there's someone out there who's as mystified as me :p Hey ho at least you get paid!
  5. msr

    msr LE

    Damn right you should have. Surely you discussed your course report with your Pl/Tp Comd? If not request an interview with them.

  6. Bad Crow - 5 years and 3 tours and you know feck all? What sh1t unit are you in? You must be half decent to get through basic (yeh, I know, recruits are not as good as when you did it all them many years ago - all 5 of them!). Bobling - if you have had no feedback then you are one of those grey men that go on to good things. Remember - if you get noticed early on it's not always a good thing. Keep turning up and do some courses and you will do fine.
  7. yes if you've made a mess of things you will definitely be told - when you are on the course itself. Otherwise you wait for a report (sent in post to you) once your OC at your unit has seen it first. Everyone connected with your course gets a copy, then you do - last of course!
    what have you done so far? TAFS 1 maybe?
    anyway, good luck with it all and stick with it.
  8. Msr - I have not had any interview (formal or informal) yet - it could be that the report just hasn't filtered through so there's nothing to discuss, but at least I know I should expect one. Mercgirl - Yeah think I have just done Tafs 1 - next stop Catterick!

    On a different note I got my training schedule and we are doing every other weekend till March (beyond which no schedule yet) - will it keep at this level throughout my TA career? Because I can see an imminent sense of humour failure coming on my girlfriend's part if it does.

    Anyway thanks for the comments.
  9. msr

    msr LE


    Recruit training is fairly intensive, thereafter you have to achieve a balance between the eternal triangle of family - job - TA. Only you will know when the balance is correct i.e. you are getting equal amounts of grief from everyone ;)

  10. Up to you how much you want to do above the minimum. Most people do at least one weekend per month and explain this to their respective others - they get teh rufty tufty soldier as a result of these weekends. I met my wife 2 months after joining so always been part of life!

    There are however certain weekends it is wise/mandatory to attend as they lead to others, eg you MUST pass APWT to progress to Stage 4 and 5 shoots (ie Field firing) so factor these in to you plans when thiking about what weekends to attend.
  11. He asked if he was any good at soldiering!!! I answered. Im not having it that after a few weekends of "TA" Phase one training he is anywhere near being a good soldier. No offence but after 5 weekends or whatever you do thats not even in the same league as a good soldier. Soldiering isnt all about getting fit putting on a uniform and shooting straight.
    So get off my back about the 5 year thing and wind your neck in. If anything I was suggesting that even with my pathetic five years I am only just Really understanding what it means to be a "Good" soldier. So with 5 weekends he has no chance.

    You are the weakest link... Fcuk off!
  12. I quite agree. The new RSM was being dined in by the Sgts Mess. I was waiting on and whilst i was at the bar waiting for a drinks order, said RSM had left the table and was staggering into the Mess. He stood for a moment smoking his cigar, looked over at me and said, "AHHH, Cpl ***"
    Cos he was a bit drunk and i might be able to get away with it , i said " That's Scarey"
    "Why's that" Said he
    "Because you know my name and it's either i've done something very, very good or very, very bad"
    "It's my job to know these things"
    I toodled off to serve drinks, trying to ignore the icey chill that had gone up my back.

    Don't worry about not being complimented/ called a mong. As you are getting on with the job just fine, there is no cause for complaint so therefore no-one has said anything. You'll find out how you are doing at your tp Staffy's interview when it comes around

    Good skills , Crack on
  13. msr

    msr LE

    He didn't want your opinion about how his soldiering skills compare to yours, he was wondering whether he was doing a good job or not.

    You are the weakest link, I fear...

  14. I agree with MSR, bobling has made no reference to how many attendances/courses he has made! He simply wanders why he has not yet had any recognition. Its true what Irishdoris says, (in my experience of course!), if you are doing something bad it will be known; but praise is rarely given, just quietly noted by those who need to know!
    It is difficult to know if you are 'getting anywhere' at first, but just keep motivating yourself, and eventually you will have the skills to be a 'good soldier' and I'm sure everyone will agree there is a different time span for each individual.
  15. Oooh good, a big T.A love fest.

    MSR, you are not the weakest link as you have been on tour, to the "sand pit". Well done.