Hot off the presses-Petraeus' New "COIN Guidance" to ISAF

Not sure Oakley will appreciate. Last thing Petraeus needs is a lawsuit.

Apart from that, really nothing new.
I expect the details (where the devil resides) will be a bit more closely held (at least one would hope).
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Page not found - /blog/2010/07/general-petraeus-issues-new-co/

"The COMISAF Counterinsurgency Guidance was prematurely released. It has been requested that the COIN Center remove the Guidance and the associated post from their web site. Small Wars Journal has decided to do the same. We hope to bring you the final version once released into the public domain.

Apparently the Small Wars blog pulled the document.
"Identify corrupt officials. President Karzai has said, “My government is committed to fighting corruption with all means possible.” Help the government achieve that aim. Make sure the people we work with work for the people. If they don’t, work with partners to enable action, or we will appear to be part of the problem. Bring networks of malign actors to the attention of trusted Afghan partners and your chain of command. Act with your Afghan partners to confront, isolate, pressure, and defund malign actors – and, where appropriate, to refer malign actors for prosecution."

Great idea, but what if you discover that it's the president who's corrupt.

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