Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by mooch, Mar 16, 2005.

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  1. This is HOT!!
    Colerne, which was due to close originally in 95 then the latest being 2007, has now had the date put back to 2011.
    i dont know why this decision has been reached but it is a confirmed truth.
    this means that more of you will experience a posting there and can hopefully put the place back on the map as a preference posting.
  2. Never mind all that sigs guff, does the Army Parachute Club thingy still operate from there?
  3. 2011, is that the same confirmed definate as 2007 was :roll:

    See u all there in 2020 then
  4. Nah try netheravon mate.
  6. The army will stay at Colerne as long as 1001 SU is there.

    We still need someone to provide the guard there, whilst the professionals get on with the real comms work!

  7. Would the professionals your talking about be Paradigm?

  8. I forget to mention that the RAF will stay on and take over the officers mess and a few other facilities.
    the rest of the land is to be sold off.
  9. the raf have gone except for the university air cadets 1001 is civilian now
  10. who cares?......................................
  11. it took you a month to come up with that aswer? 8O
  12. 23C

    23C Clanker

    Thread Hi-Jack.

    Thebull....your sig block:
    "One sunday as mother was repainting the house a a cunningly worded invitation to join WWII arrived.

    "Just fancy" said mother "of all the people in the country they chose you"

    Laughingly i felled her with a right cross."

    Spike Milligan?
  13. Ah hem. That's Sir spike round here i'll have you know. Yes it is taken from Adolf Hitler, my part in his downfall part of the great mans war diaries. The only books written by an ex squaddie based on military experience that is ANYWHERE near accurate.