Hot Israeli women in the IDF

Two IDF chicks on the beach. A kite. Beer. An assault rifle.

Victory, disappointment & Israeli army chicks

In the meantime, some Lebanese boys are sorry to be missing out on this:

I think there was already a thread on this... Not that I object
Instead of using Photobucket - why not use ? Upload 10 pics at a time, paste 'em, chamber 10 more & while you are rearranging your original 10, the next 10 pics are uploading.

And it means we get thumbnails to look at, rather than ignoring your text links. :wink:
Fcukin quality mate, at least a weeks worth of knuckle shufflin there!!!
Makes you despair at the standard of birds in our forces though!!!
Yes there are some real hotties in uniform over there, I used to work for an Israelie company and would pop over a lot.

The really strange thing there is the amount of guns in public places, so armalite, beer and beach is not that strange. Funny thing though is servce was seen as a way of life, but extended service was alien to them, when I said that I used to be in the army, no shock, when I said i did 12 yrs, they fell off their chairs


War Hero
Great stuff,shame about the army they're in

I'd love to convert em all to uncut c*ck bet they'd love it :D
Well, there's certainly no lack of top-drawer flange in the IDF, is there? No wonder the lads there don't mind doing their National Service!

Interesting interpretations of 'hair length' regs - but I'm no' gonne complain. In fact, I might just engage in a mammoth session of self abuse. Ta stoke - its raining outside, and the surf's gone, but at least i can wnak till I bleed now.
its been done already, ........ who cares. theres some hotties there allright.
is it just me or are there some hints of lesbian shenaigins there?
ohhh, pass me a tissue!

right I motion we start an appeal for the IDF. sort of a donate a tin of boot polish & an iron for every soldier appeal!
anyone second that? :D

but they do got some hot birds! :)
Wonder how effective they actually are? Sand in the mags on the beach, also with beer on show!!
Can someone tell me what צהל means, it's on many of their uniforms.
Does the IDF have an ITD in 'Glamour Photography?'

I do like the cut of those trousers though...but it chills my blood to think what some of our Hippocrocapigs would look like in them... 8O
And you get the munters we get in the Army.

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