Hot Hot curry

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by parasquad, Jan 7, 2009.

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  1. Yes no problem - bring it on !

  2. You must be joking i actually like to taste my food - gimme a korma

  1. i was in a curry house over christmas and they offer a curry that is so hot that if you manage to eat it, you and your friend eat for nothing, drinks however must be paid for. i like my curries hot but didnt dare try this one. Its 5 time hotter than a phall i am told. A guy sitting not far from us made a feeble attempt at eating it but went white and sweaty after half of it. Has anyone ever tried this ? i believe they do it in most major cities in the uk.
  2. Its free cus no fooker can eat it lol, it mite be diff if the beer was free lol, funnily im making a Rogan Josh tonite - mild !! lol
  3. I would be slightly worried if they brought it out on space shuttle re-entry tiles.....
  4. there was a somali cafe in Manchester where the students used to attempt the hot challenge. If anyone ever achieved it, the chappy just put another handful of raw chilli in, to "up the ante". I would like to apologise to the poor b*****d who attempted it next after me. It must have been was tough for me and I was going through a north-west England style Tiger fal phase at the time, had drunk half of Boddington's 1989 output and was trying to impress my mess mates!
  5. I remember that place (conveniently near MRI A & E), The Plaza on Upper Brook Street - never dared the suicide though.
  6. Its all well and good impressing those around you but what a sorry state the next morning. i think its a natural progression to want hotter and hotter curries and can eat a phall whilst enjoying coronation st and a few cans.
  7. I wonder how many of you who voted "Bring it on!" actually go and order korma 8O

    That's just SICK.
  8. The little girl meant "whilst enjoying Coronation Chicken".
  9. This you?

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  10. I enjoy a hot curry, but it has to taste nice. There's no point in eating a curry that burns your lips (unless for a bet). Anyone can cook a hot curry, but cooking a hot curry that still has all the flavours/spices is a fine art.
  11. You will be ticking the korma box then sweetie

  12. Ahh, my bad :wink:
  13. Not Korma but anything hotter than a Madras is a waste darling.
  14. i've been down the curry road....went as far as Tindaloo/Vindaloo/Fal(Phal?) and have ended up preferring Pathia and Silsila curries now...they have a real good taste and still produce the heat! :wink:
  15. Murphy's pakora bar in Glasgow used to do a habanero chili pakora on thier buffet. Was hilarious to watch people who thought they were cherry tomatoes munch them.