Hot Girl Band Sing For Troops - check it out!

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by hrofan, Dec 15, 2008.

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  1. The media haven't mentioned it but 3 hot babes from Blackpool have recorded some songs especially for the troops away at Christmas this year.

    The CD is not for sale anywhere - it has only been sent out to the BFBS radio stations around the world and the idea is that you can request one of the songs and dedicate it to your loved one.

    The girls are called RUBY BLUE and the CD is called JUST FOR YOU. The songs to choose from are:

    We Want The Same Thing
    So What?
    I Kissed A Girl
    Show Me Heaven
    Together Again
    I Will Follow Him
    Sisters (Are Doing It)
    Without You
    River Deep Mountain High

    And the CDs have been sent to BFBS UK, Chalfont St Peter – plus :
    BFBS Cyprus, BFBS Falkland Islands, BFBS Germany, BFBS Gibraltar, BFBS Radio Middle East, BFBS Gurkha Radio, BFBS Canada, BFBS Brunei, BFBS Belize - so get on to BFBS and get them to play 'em!

    These Blackpool babes are fantastic! - check out their blog on !
  2. Thought you said 'HOT'.

    Jesus, these 3 wouldn't look out of place in Blackpool on a Friday/Saturday night.

    I know this isn't the NAAFI, but HRO started it!
  3. The blonde bird was nailed in a Blackpool guesthouse in 2007 by 3 virile young men.

    Ask her if she remembers the ATM session which ended with her saying, and I quote "Urghh that stinks"

    Posh girl but she does have the voice of an angel and the snatch of a 54 year old King's Cross hooker.
  4. Fred, it is Christmas, where is your good will and all that!

    And they might sound nice??
  5. I'm a nice person, I'd do the two on the left but the one on the right would have to ask nicely :D

    Good on you anyway girls
  6. I'll have the one on the right (wearing the medal!!)

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  7. 2s up??
  8. Get your own bird!!!
  9. I'm a very naughty boy, but it's christmas, and I just felt the need to take the p1ss.
  10. Hahahah hot babes and Blackpool in the same sentance I'll have 1/2 a rock from the batch of crack he's been smoking!
  11. Good effort ladies,

    ignore this cynical bunch of arrsers.

    2 way Family Favourites might get a little predictable after the 3rd track , but who cares
  12. fair play to them :)

    nice one girls
  13. The only girl from Blackpool that was good looking had to be turned into a kebab to quailfy!